FOOTBALL: Catching up with Tyrone Nix

Here’s a short interview with Ole Miss defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix.

(How do you feel about your defensive line at this point?)

I’m very excited. I don’t have a choice at this point. We’re going to play with the guys we have, and we’re going to coach them up as hard as we can then let them go out and see them play.

(What might a rotation look like along the line?)

I don’t know. Hopefully we won’t be out there an extended period of time if we can get on and off the field. We’ll rotate them three or four players in the ball game, try and keep them fresh.

(How is Jonathan Cornell’s health?)

He’s missed one day of practice. That’s all he’s missed all camp.

(What have you been able to see on the Memphis QB Arkelon Hall?)

Junior college film. He hasn’t played a game for Memphis yet. We’ve watched him on the internet. He looks good. He can throw it. You don’t learn a whole lot, but he has a lot of ability. It’s like evaluating kids like we do out of junior college, like Patrick Trahan or DeMareo Marr. Some of these kids can play really fast, and they come up here and pick it up really quick. Some of them struggle. I guess for them Hall has done an outstanding job. He went through the spring and he was able to take over the starting role.

— PA


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