FOOTBALL: It’s back — the prediction post

Since I got back from vacation in Washington, DC people have asked me if I was ready for football. Well, like the players, I was ready to get through camp. Now camp is complete, and I’m ready for football.

Every year about this time we listen to spin from coaches. Even with the previous administration I would listen, and I could think, “Yeah, if this happens, and that happens, like they’re saying, they could win some games.”

Problem was, this and that just didn’t happen enough.

I’m interested to see if this and that happens more often with Houston Nutt and his staff. I believe there’s talent in place at Ole Miss. That doesn’t set the Rebels apart from their SEC brethen, it just makes them more legitimate members in the club. There’s talent across the board in the SEC.

I think much of the focus against Memphis will be on the Rebels’ defensive line. Marcus Tillman is a veteran and a leader, but there’s even a bit of a question mark with Tillman, who is playing tackle for the first time in two years.

Guys like Lawon Scott, Ted Laurent, Kentrell Lockett, Emmanuel Stephens and Jerrell Powe were recruited with the expectation that they would make plays against SEC competition.

They need to hit the ground running and make plays against Memphis. The Tigers have had some injuries along the offensive line but not to the level the Rebels have suffered with the losses of All-SEC types in tackle Peria Jerry and end Greg Hardy.

Another are to watch will be Memphis’ big and athletic wide receivers against the Ole Miss cornerbacks.

Cornerback was a position that Nutt felt needed some help, so he sent wide receiver Marshay Green and running back Jeremy McGee to the other side of the ball. Green really spiced up the competition and has ended up second team behind Dustin Mouzon.

The Ole Miss corners won’t play man coverage as much as in the past, but there will be some.

Getting some play from the DL and the corners will greatly advance the cause Saturday night.

This is game is always close, and Ed Orgeron always found a way to pull it out in the end.

I think Nutt will too.

Ole Miss 24, Memphis 19.

— PA


31 Responses to “FOOTBALL: It’s back — the prediction post”

  1. VA Reb Says:

    PA, you’re right. Lots of talent and lots of potential. I’m thinking (and hoping) that, unlike Ed, Coach Nutt will be able to translate that into smart football which should translate into some good wins. But, it seems like the talent level in the SEC rises to a new level every year…no more “gimmes” any more like Vandy, Kentucky, MSU, and even Ole Miss occasionally used to be. There’s not a single team in the SEC that can’t beat another on a given Saturday. But, that’s what makes SEC football so exciting. We just need to make sure we win most, if not all, our non-conference games, play with all the effort we can in SEC games, and continue to recruit well and coach well. Can’t wait for the kickoff. Go Rebs!

  2. djrebel Says:

    Larry, you’re right on those points, but what’s your score?

    — PA

  3. bigdraws Says:

    OM 30
    UM 13
    Two teams with new qb’s square off. Oughtta be fun.

    Couple more if yall don’t mind
    Clemson 24
    Bama 17

    USC 27
    NC ST 14

  4. djrebel Says:

    Draws, looks like you’re thinking Ole Miss’ revamped offense is clicking out of the gate.

    I like your other scores, though I wouldn’t be shocked to see that Clemson-Bama margin wider if Clemson is as good as advertised. Bama’s filling a couple of holes on defense.

    — PA

  5. bigdraws Says:

    Might be that I’ve been listening to too many rebel fans. I heard an espn anylist on Bo Bounds show this morning pick bama to win. I bout fell outta my chair. Like I’ve been saying all week. Don’t underestimate the loss of Wallace Gilberry. We all know how JPW plays when there’s pressure in the pocket.

  6. SSA Says:

    I think the rebels will grind it out limiting Memphis’s chances.
    Ole Miss 21 Memphis State 10

  7. VA Reb Says:

    Sorry about that: Ole Miss 24, Memphis State 13

  8. david Says:

    I think to many guys have chips on their shoulders and they want to come out and win one for Nutt… I am feeling a 40-7 win. I think these guys love him adn will go to war for him. So I am hoping to see some points. The memphis O will struggle with a New qb from the college of “I cant pass” I mean sequoas… I love the SEC but for this one week go Clemson take it to Satin!

  9. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Ole Miss 38
    Memphis 13

    MSU 6
    La Tech 14

  10. tcfan Says:

    People are underestimating the Tigers a little bit, but I think we at least make some breathing room compared to the past three years.

    Ole Miss 35
    Memphis 21

    MSU 24
    LA Tech 21

  11. dabear1985 Says:

    Ole Miss 31
    Memphis 17

    MSU 14
    La Tech 10

  12. bornarebel Says:

    Ole Miss – 24
    Memphis – 9

  13. djrebel Says:

    David, these guys do love Houston. He’s definitely a players’ coach. Was at Arkansas and is here too.

    — PA

  14. jr85reb Says:

    Memphis always plays us close. Since it is the first game of the season, I think it will take some time before either team gets into the mid season swing.

    Ole Miss 17
    Memphis 14

  15. BirdZ! Says:

    Ole Miss 28
    Tiger High 13

  16. bigdraws Says:

    I always catch myself calling em Memphis state.

  17. John Says:

    Ole Miss 38
    Memphis State 36
    On a late touchdown. Snead hits Devin Thomas for a bubble screen that goes 35 yards on a fake reverse to McCluster. All this after kicking a field goal to pull within 5 and the defense holds them on 3rd and short forcing a punt fair caught at the 30 by Marshay Green. Ole Miss trails 30 – 10 at the half but finally starts clicking on both sides of the ball in the second half.

    MSU 20
    La Tech 21
    Croom goes for the win instead of overtime but Dixon fumbles the extra point attempt, LaTech recovers and runs the clock out.

  18. Jay Stokes Says:

    I’m going to break precedent and disagree with he notion that the Memphis game is “always” close. It has been close in recent years, but we have not had very good teams in recent years. New and improved team attitude this year….New and improved coaching staff. I think Memphis will score some points but won’t be able to handle the Ole Miss backs and receivers.

    Ole Miss – 38
    Memphis – 17

  19. Jay Stokes Says:

    corrected typo from above….”disagree with THE notion”…..


  20. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Rebels by 17, 38-21.

    Thought it would be fun to be on this side of the predictions for once.

  21. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Mr. Ellis!!!! Just because you suffer a guilty conscious from jumping ship(DJ) and joining the enemy, this 17 point margin that you paste for the Rebels over Memphis will gain you nothing here in Rebel land.

  22. TrueReb Says:

    Rebels 31 Memphis 17 The offence will get rolling early and often! MSU 20 LA TECH 10 Defense and Dixon

  23. TrueReb Says:

    Yea congrats Gregg. Best of luck to you

  24. Chad Says:

    Neither defense plays well.

    Ole Miss 140
    Memphis 133

  25. djrebel Says:

    Welcome Gregg! Glad to have a new poster in the house.

    — PA

  26. bigdraws Says:

    It’s amazing how all the Sec teams root for each other until Bama plays. I love it.

  27. oxfordrebel Says:

    For those of you who think that just b/c we’re better than we used too be, think back to 2003 UM vs UM…we lost with Eli…

    I know we’ll win, but I’m not going to call it a comfortable win. Not sure we can hang 30 on them either with so many new faces.


  28. djrebel Says:

    Agreed, OR. I like the potential I see in this offense, but this is still a program that hasn’t scored 30 on a D1 opponent in four years. I think it can happen, but I’ve got to see this offense in game action before I start expecting it to dominate anyone.

    — PA

  29. bigdraws Says:

    Dang, I didn’t realize that. I thought we were the only team that refused to score points.

  30. Larry White Says:

    Share some insight about some of the other 2008 signees that have not made headlines yet. Will Leck Haynes play Sat? What about the 6’6″ Harris receiver from GA or Andrew Harris’ playtime Sat? Any of the Hargrave signees or D Marr going to be any help to the Rebs in the seondary Sat or this season?

  31. m4rebs Says:

    Rebels 27
    Tigers 20
    I think we start out well, peter out a bit through the middle quarters, but then put a little distance before Memphis gets within 1 score late.

    Tigers 28
    Tide 17
    This one will feel closer than the score I indicate, but I think depth finally gives way in the end.

    LSU 38
    App State 21

    FLA 49
    Haw 13

    UGA 49
    Ga South 14

    Aub 28
    ULM 10

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