Rebels went 3-and-out on first possession and looked like they were still in the Orgeron Era. Snead’s first touchdown pass was a 64-yarder that Shay Hodge caught near mid-field. Play capped a 97-yard drive. Two nice catches by McCluster to convert third downs.

Memphis answered quickly with a nine-play, 77-yard drive. Key play was a 45-yard completion in which cornerback Dustin Mouzon fell. There was contact but no foul. Backup qb Will Hudgens threw a 3-yard pass for the points.

Rebels answer quickly, going 60 yards in five plays. McCluster scored on a 32-yard run from the wild rebel. Michael Oher pulled from left tackle and threw the key block to spring McCluster.

McCluster has been in wild rebel three times, two runs and a handoff to Bolden.

Ole Miss 14, Memphis 7


3 Responses to “FIRST QUARTER”

  1. rebfan Says:

    i on espn gamecast. was that a 37 yard pass from boldin to snead? just checking their accuracy

  2. rebnutt Says:

    how did they look 2nd half? I’m watching the live stats, it worries me that most tackles seem to be by our LBs or DBs

  3. rebnutt Says:

    sorry, I meant 2nd Q

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