Houston’s digging the Wild Rebel tonight, running the formation eight times in the first half. Most of the time it’s McCluster but Bolden has also taken the snap. Biggest play from the formation so far has been when Snead split out wide left and caught a pass from Bolden — after Bolden took a handoff from McCluster — for a 37-yard gain. It led to a field goal and a 24-7 lead.

Earlier in the quarter Snead led a 10-play, 80-yard drive on which Enrique Davis had a 12-yard gain and a 1-yard touchdown. Seeing more of Bolden and Enrique Davis now at the backs.

Memphis had a nice drive going one time but Kendrick Lewis had an end zone interception, the first of two picks thrown by Arkelon Hall. Mouston had the second with 1:37 left in the quarter.

Mouzon’s pick led to a 47-yard field goal by Shene, his second of the quarter.

Memphis took advantage of a short kickoff and from the hurry-up offense worked into position for a 39-yard field goal on the last play of the half.

Looks like this staff has substituted on defense much more freely than the previous administration. Have seen a lot of the second team. Not a whole lot of pass rush, but Hall’s not dropping very deep.

Jerrell Powe has been in for three plays.

Ole Miss 27, Memphis 10


5 Responses to “SECOND QUARTER”

  1. bornarebel Says:

    I can’t get sports 56 to work. Does anyone know another place that I can listen to the game online?

  2. Truereb Says:

    Hey PA, we look alot better on offense than last year! I think the score could be alot worse. Snead over threw 2 touchdown in da frist half.

  3. Truereb Says:

    It could easily be 35 to 7 ole miss

  4. Truereb Says:

    Wish you all could be here. The place is packed!!!

  5. PatrickH Says:


    Try this:

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