FOOTBALL: SEC honors Brandon Bolden

Ole Miss RB is the freshman of the week.

— PA

Running Back
5-11 • 215
Baton Rouge, La. (Scotlandville Magnet)
• Bolden led Ole Miss with 76 yards rushing on eight carries in the Rebels’ 41-24 win against Memphis.
• He added a 10-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter giving the Rebels a 41-17 lead.
• Bolden also threw a 37-yard halfback pass to quarterback Jevan Snead that helped set up a Rebel field goal in the second quarter.

12 Responses to “FOOTBALL: SEC honors Brandon Bolden”

  1. rebelfan38652 Says:

    When will the updated top 25 come out?

  2. Danny Says:

    I could not believe Miss State went to Ruston to play LA tech. . . and then lost. Ole Miss seemed to do well, I was wondering how you saw both of them finishing this year.

  3. djrebel Says:

    But Danny, could you believe La. Tech won that game? Those Bulldogs have come a long way, haven’t they?

    Not sure what to make of State. They’ve got some issues now with Jamar Chaney being out. Some folks were saying eight wins, but they were counting La. Tech I’m sure.

    If the Rebels can get healthy on defense they can win six or seven. The offense was ahead of schedule against Memphis. Been a long time since Ole Miss had five touchdowns in a game.

    How are things at Missouri State? What are they called, the Lumberjacks … or are they the Red Flashes?

    — PA

  4. john Says:

    Parish — are you traveling to Winston this weekend? what is the latest they would say somethign about the game re: impact of Hanna?

  5. paul kelly Says:

    i thought all of our backs looked pretty good and ran hard. when the defense comes around, we will have a chance in just about every game. GO REBELS.

  6. rebelfan38652 Says:

    Wake Forrest has moved up to #20 and South Carolina also moved into the top 25.

  7. UPTexan Says:

    I understand at present that 3 options are being considered for the WF game: play it on Friday at WF; play it Sat. in Nashville or Oxford. Oxford would be nice.

  8. rebnutt Says:

    are those really the options? if on Friday–what time? and is oxford really a possibility?

  9. djrebel Says:

    Different things being discussed. My gut feeling is it won’t change. Biggest problem may be flying in on Friday. The team may leave earlier than it normally would.

    — PA

  10. rebnutt Says:

    I just read the WF afternoon press conf, and they plan on playing at home in bad weather Sat.–Wake will be as much or more inland from Hanna (moving NE) than Oxford was from where Gus hit

  11. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I would like to congratulate Brandon on his award and achievement in the Memphis game. I am sure we will hear much more of Brandon’s performance and success before this season is over.

    I would just like to say a word about MSU Coach Croom. I know that this is not the site to praise Coach Croom. I feel that he is an outstanding football coach and not getting the praise and support that he deserves. Same thing that happen to Coach Polk in baseball. I have a somewhat sympathy for the “Cow College” since at one time in my life I would have been on my way there. A Forestry Major at NWMJC. USAF interrupted that journey. Being a Lafayette(Oxford) County native, I was and still am an Ole Miss Rebel fan. However, should I have taken that road down to Starkville and MSU, I would have been a loyal and faithful supporter to that University. Integrity is what it is called.

  12. Chad Says:

    My feeling is, MSU has no field generals. Croom can only do so much from the sideline. It is as though there are several captains, but no 4 star generals.

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