FOOTBALL: Weather watching for Ole Miss-Wake

I just spoke with Ole Miss athletics director Pete Boone about the chances of moving Saturday’s game at Wake Forest. I think the odds of moving the game are slim.

“The only thing we have heard is that the ACC, by its policy, will not make a decision until 24 hours before. If in fact it is apparent they need to postpone, they would try to play Sunday. In talking with the SEC, the home team has the right to move it or postpone. Both institutions would have to agree with it.”

The SEC office is having discussions with the ACC over what rights Ole Miss would have in this situation.

With open dates not matching up, it could very well be play it Sunday or don’t play it.

This morning’s weather forecast from a Greensboro television station for the Winston-Salem area has rain Friday night and early Saturday. Their forecast calls for the storm to produce more of a rain event in the area, up to two inches, but not so much wind. It may or may not be raining around game time.

— PA


3 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Weather watching for Ole Miss-Wake”

  1. rebnutt Says:

    from Charlotte, we’re due south of Wake by 75 or so miles. the projected track of Hanna now shows landing middle of NC coast c. 7 am Sat. and going NE, so Wake probably misses most of the rough winds but will get rain. Wake & TV folks don’t want to move it, time or location.

  2. PBeez Says:

    Its just gonna be wet. So clearly, the running game will be key.

  3. PBeez Says:

    I guess I could’ve read your next post down the line there PA. 🙂

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