Mouzon was pushed into Marshay Green on a punt return. The resulting fumble was recovered by Wake, and the Deacons scored on a 14-yard pass two plays later.

Not a good start for Mouzon who gave up a 16-yard completion and missed a tackle on a 15-yard gain on third-and-16 on Wake’s initial possession.

Offense got two first downs on its first possession, but Snead was too long for Wallace on the end zone on a first down from the Wake 44. Two plays later a 35-yard punt was returned 20 yards.

Rebels tied the game on Snead’s 4-yard pass to tight end Gerald Harris. Snead rolled right on a play-action fake.

The 94-yard drive took 9 plays and lasted 3:39. Wake had a personal foul that helped things along. Snead also had a 27-yard pass to Mike Wallace on third-and-9 from the Ole Miss 36.

There was another special teams mistake when the Rebels had held Wake to a 3-and-out series but Patrick Trahan roughed punter Sam Swank and Wake took over at the 42.

Defense playing pretty well.

Peria Jerry has gotten a handful of snaps. Ted Laurent had a tackle for loss and two defensive backs stopped a Wake runner on third-and-1.

Ole Miss 7, Wake 7



4 Responses to “FIRST QUARTER”

  1. bornarebel Says:

    Although WF did not tackle Green on the punt; is it not a penalty to push a guy into the punt returner before the ball gets there?

  2. rebfan Says:

    we were taught to do that in high school.

  3. imarebel Says:

    i believe snead has settled down a bit and now is making some good decisions. defense has got to find a way to stop those little dump passes.

  4. 03Rebel Says:

    the play happened 7 hours ago, now. Doesn’t someone know the rule on this. The officials acted very confident about the play, no TV review from the broadcasters either. wish I had Tivo. BTW, what conference were the officials from.

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