FOOTBALL: 42 minutes to kick

Gorgeous day here at Wake in a beautiful stadium that is in its first season after a $50 million renovation.

The stadium has its football building in one end zone. The building includes suites and patio seating. The other end zone has a grassy hill, where beach towels would often be, I presume. Today many fans have spread out more water resistant coverings.

It’s sunny and very breezy up top, but the wind isn’t as strong down inside the stadium on the field of play.

Both teams are on the field. No roll call surprises yet. Peria Jerry is here and is in full dress. Right now he is lined up besisde Marcus Tillman as they go through DL warm-ups. Don’t know if that means Jerry will start.

— PA


11 Responses to “FOOTBALL: 42 minutes to kick”

  1. rebfan Says:

    is it just me, or is penn state vs Oregon state on tv?

  2. TrueReb Says:

    bad call on that punt return

  3. pBeez Says:

    very bad call – tough luck out of the gate.
    Terry Gannon is an NC State grade, played for the 1983 National Championship basketball team with Coach Jimmy V. If you speak to him PA, tell him the Beezley’s say hello – he was one of my dad’s students.

  4. rebfan Says:

    Where is the game on tv?

  5. pBeez Says:

    ABC – but regional coverage.
    If you are getting the Oklahoma-Cinccy game, you’ll have to buy the game from ESPN Gameplan if you can get taht.

  6. Gregory White Says:

    It is supposed to be on the local ABC station.

  7. Gregory White Says:

    We had the oklahoma game for a few seconds.

  8. pBeez Says:

    Nice drive! Wake has not impressed me on either side of the ball yet.

  9. rebfan Says:

    ole miss better win! I just bought espn gameplan and it has now shown up on abc.

  10. rebfan Says:

    That touchdown will be on sportscenter

  11. pBeez Says:

    lol – oh man rebfan – did you buy the year or the day?
    The Dec’s are putting down a real nice, long drive here – this late time out has me thinking a trick play instead of a field goal attempt.

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