FOOTBALL: Wake Forest weather update

It’s sprinkling here in Greensboro. Not nearly as much rain as expected. According to radar from the local weather folks, it’s not raining in Winston-Salem right now and may not rain during the game. Could see clouds break and some sunshine.

— PA


13 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Wake Forest weather update”

  1. Row! Says:

    The Rebs will control the game cause of the wet ground and our backfield is deeper! Ole Miss 27 Wake Forrest 13

  2. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    PA, try to stay dry today.

    ABC is one of my most disguisting news channels. Democratic party all the way. However, today I am going to hold my nose, tune in and pertend that its not ABC. Imaging that it is Fox and watch the Rebs take on Wake Forest.

    A great day to all. GO REBELS!!!

  3. bornarebel Says:

    Is the game still going to be at 2:30? Someone told me that they talked to Coach Nutt’s wife and she said the game was moved up to 11:00.

  4. rebfan Says:

    that sucks. i was hoping to watch wakes big d-linemen fall trying to change directions while chasinf mccluster.

  5. djrebel Says:

    I haven’t spoken with Mrs. Nutt, but I’ve just gotten set up in the press box, and the game is not under way.

    It’s still at 2:30 as far as I can tell. Interesting Game Day atmosphere here. All the tailgating is spread out, much of it in the asphalt parking. Really nice facilities though from what I can see.

    The press box is new and has all the modern amenities you would think for something new. Im looking across at the baseball field with a nice brick facade and some covered seating.

    Don’t see an indoor practice field right here, but this isn’t on campus. Stadium is small but very clean. Seats 31,500.

    Sun is coming out right now. Wind is brisk, but rain will not be a factor.

    — PA

  6. bornarebel Says:

    Thanks, PA. I didn’t think that I had a reliable source but I just wanted to make sure.

  7. pBeez Says:

    That GREAT big, long glass clad building you see close the stadium is the old Reynold’s Tobacco World Headquarters. They gave it to Wake about a decade back when the moved the HQ to NYC. I think its the business school now
    Then entire university moved from Wake Forest NC to Winston-Salem in the 1950s when the Reynold’s family determined that W-S needed a major university. They paid for the construction of the new campus. So – rather then being 20 miles for NC State, about 20 from Duke (founded with tobacco money) and about 35 from UNC, they are in W-S. Still, this is a very old college with a long tradition and a loyal if small alumni. It was a affiliated with the Baptist convention until about 20 years ago when like so many Baptist universities, they cut their ties rather then get sucked into the politics of fundamentalist theology that over took state conventions.

    If its clear, to the north, you might be able to see Pilot Mountain – for all you Andy Griffith fans – that’s Mt. Pilot. Griffith’s home town of Mt. Airy is just north of that. His favorite restaurant, the “Snappy Lunch”, famous for its fried pork chop and slaw sandwich, is still serving.

  8. Jeff Jolly Says:

    You say the stadium only seats 31.500. Do they have trouble staying in the NCAA guidlines for attendance to remain D-1 or whatever they call it these days?

  9. djrebel Says:

    I doubt they have that problem, Jeff, because road attendance is figured in. There is a minimum seat requirement for a D1 stadium, and that might be 30,000.

    PBeez, thanks for posting. I can see the mountain, and I was wondering what range that might be. Wish I had time to venture up that way.

    Beautiful day here.

    — PA

  10. m4rebs Says:

    What is the pulse of the team PA? Do they appear excited or apprehensive? Compare the feel versus the Ed O’s teams road vibe…if you can…

  11. djrebel Says:

    Hard to tell pulse of the team from up here. There was some jumping around in warm-ups. They didn’t appear to be dead, but I don’t think that’s very different from Ed’s teams in warmups.

    I’m thinking Peria plays more snaps today than they were letting on a couple of days ago.

    — PA

  12. m4rebs Says:

    You got to have an ace in the hole, maybe that’s ours????

  13. pBeez Says:

    Tough start –
    PA, the range to the west is the escarpment of the Appalachians – you are about 90 minutes from Boone, who also just kicked off. To the North is Mt. Pilot, and then the Appalachians as they work to the north east.

    Wake’s enrollment is about 2,500 students. Only Rice is smaller.

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