Snead to McCluster for 31 yards and a score less thana  minute into the fourth following a Wake fumble on a punt. Rebels lead 21-20, but Wake is driving now near mid-field.

Wake is having run success now. The backup Pendergrass had 44 yards on the just completed TD drive including a 12-touchdown run. The 80 yards was covered more quickly because Jamarca Sanford was called for a late hit at the end of a 20-yard gain by Pendergrass. Wake leads 27-21 with 11:37 left.

Rebels have the ball at the 20, down 27-21, 8:07 left to begin the drive. Championship QBs are made for opportunities like this. Do the Rebels have one?

Bolden hasn’t played in a while, and we figure he’s hurt. Got dinged on that kick return at the end of the first half. No confirmation on that

I’ll have to catch up with you guys later. The elevator will be going down shortly.

— PA


49 Responses to “FOURTH QUARTER”

  1. rebfan Says:

    there was the second touchdown taken away by a penalty

  2. pBeez Says:

    jarvis did drop the ball though didn’t he?
    That’s ok, we are grinding the clock down, moving the ball, and the D is resting. We need to score here, and then lock them down.
    Very happy to see this ground game.

  3. rebfan Says:

    if we dont get a touchdown here, its most likely over

  4. rebfan Says:

    thats the break we need

  5. pBeez Says:

    oh man, i feel sick. Anyone need a room cleaned?

  6. pBeez Says:

    This is what happens when I watch the Rebs sober.

  7. pBeez Says:


  8. rebfan Says:

    houston nutt needs to send me xanax

  9. rebfan Says:

    why would they challenge that play?

  10. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Can we hold on for 49 seconds?

  11. rebfan Says:

    dont look like it

  12. pBeez Says:

    They are in FG range now.

  13. rebfan Says:

    way to go marshay. that puts them easily in fieldgoal range

  14. rebfan Says:

    come on special teams. block that kick.

  15. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Block this kick!!!!!

  16. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Dang…we need a miracle return now. Where is Duece when you need him?

  17. rebfan Says:

    at first, i thought it looked wide

  18. rebfan Says:

    i hope they put mccluster back there

  19. rebfan Says:

    good game, rebels

  20. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Oh well….good game by the Rebels. I think we are a force to be reckoned with in the West. Defense has got to get better. You shouldn’t lose after you drive down the field to retake a lead in the last minute.

  21. pBeez Says:

    Excellent Game Rebs! No shame here. We played a super game! And the best thing is we put the fear of . . . I am not even gonna say, I don’t want JB getting after me again – we put FEAR into a whole lot of folks today.
    Snead is great – and that young man on defense, with the long hair? Heck of a game.

  22. rebfan Says:

    we gave wake all they wanted at their house. nationally ranked wake at that. im proud of our boys. defense can be better but pbeez is right, sec teams are gonna have to watch out for ole miss. keep in mind, this is only the second game with these guys for snead, bolden, davis, etc. they will only get better as the year goes on.

  23. rebfan Says:

    oh, have a safe trip back, pa. cant wait for your take on the game

  24. pBeez Says:

    PA, make sure you eat some Bar-B-Que before you go! And Cheese Straws, if you see any Southern Season Cheese straws, pick them up, you won’t be disappointed.

  25. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    pBeez, not after you, the best to you. Thanks for the info that you have shared with us.

    The Rebels have no reason to hang their heads about this game. They played a great game. Wake Forest is to be congratulated for the great game and effoert that displayed.

    Ole Miss vs Alabama, Scott Hunter vs Archie Manning, game that Armed Forces TV brought to us in SEA(1969). A shoot-out as we have seen here today between Ole Miss(Snead) and Wake Forest(Skinner). Great games. Sorry to say that my Rebels came up short on both occasions.

    We will see more excitement and be very proud of this Rebel team this season. JB

  26. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Really trying to find more U-HAULs!!!!

  27. MrMike Says:

    Agreed Rebs played a good game despite turnovers and big mistakes, but when are the DBs ever going to turn around for the ball?

  28. Jay Stokes Says:

    i don’t know what some of these people are smoking. it was not an “excellent” or “great” game by any stretch. ole miss had no excuse but to walk out of there with a win. wake had 3 turnovers go their way and still had to win on a last second field goal. mistake after mistake after mistake killed the rebels today.

    it was clear to me that the rebels were the better team. they handed this one to wake. very disappointing loss.

  29. barneyfife Says:

    I agree. We gave it away with some classic Ole Miss mistakes — out of bounds hit, offsides, turnovers, etc. Why DBs don’t turn look for the ball, I don’t know. Still good to get a game like this under our belts before SEC play, because they’re all going to be this tough, even the Dogs.

  30. bornarebel Says:

    I agree Jay. It is good to see that we may actually have something to root for this year, but mistakes cost us this game. I believe we are a better team than WF. It just proves that you cannot make a lot of mistakes against a good team. I hope we can correct these mistakes when SEC play starts.
    Go Rebs!!! Let’s learn from this and get on a roll.

  31. pBeez Says:

    IF only I’d been smoking something, I might’ve been able to sit there and watch the game. We turned the ball over as well – twice? three times? and were extremely lucky they only got 13 points out of it. Right or wrong, that was a top 20 team, we were on the road, it was Snead’s second game. A win would’ve been a huge upset – we hung in there, and impressed the guys in the booth a lot, and impressed me.

    Am I happy we lost? Hell no! Do I think this team is moving in the right direction? Absolutely. We were in a game that last fall I didn’t think we’d even show up for. Disappointed, yes, but I think there were more positives then negatives for the Rebels today.

  32. rebfan Says:

    jay, ole miss played a good game. I am disappointed they lost, but they played a very good team. I am excited about the promise they showed today. They will learn from this and get better as the season progresses

  33. bornarebel Says:

    There were definitely more positives. Just think, this is only the beginning of the Snead and Nutt era. We have a lot to look forward to.

  34. pBeez Says:

    I’ll loose to out of conference folks every day if we can kick some SEC West foes!

  35. Jay Stokes Says:

    i am excited about the promise they showed today also, but we can’t keep losing clutch games like this. it seems like every time the lights are on the rebs and people pay attention, they find a way to lose the game….even if they do play well. am i saying the season is over? no. am i saying i’m not proud of the team’s effort? no. bottom line……we have to start winning close games. the reason i am disappointed is because they’re capable of so much more. they could have wiped the floor with wake if only they had protected the ball and made smart decisions. we were clearly the better team.

  36. Jay Stokes Says:

    houston nutt will no doubt back me up on this.

  37. pBeez Says:

    you are right on that Jay Stokes – too many close games frittered away. That was not the feeling I had today though. There QB is a hell of a player, although we helped that drive with the interference call. There FG kicker, well – as soon as they crossed mid-field, you knew they had this one.

  38. rebfan Says:

    jay, you are right on every point. i was just excited on how close we were against a nationally ranked team. make me think we should be up there, too.

  39. m4rebs Says:

    Tough way to lose a game, especially when you factor in it was against a Top 20 ranked team, on their turf. I’m concerned about the lingering effect that this may have on the team. Hopefully Samford will be just what the doctor ordered next week to get some things cleaned up. I think we may have been better off from a pschy perspective to have not converted the 4th and 2 for the TD. It’s just heart-breaking to feel like you’ve won the game, then end up losing on a last second FG. Granted, we need to learn to FINISH, and I’m sure Coach Nutt will spin it all the right ways and all, but you just never know how a team that is so used to losing ANY game that has ANY meaning. I guess we just need to focus on the positives, and work on the negatives. Coach Austin said it was imperative to have a + on the takeaway margin to have a chance. And we needed to execute with no offensive penalties. We had way to many turnovers, and way to many penalties. I guess the positive is that we went into somebody else’s yard and took it to the wire with them, when no one expected us to. You just hate to lose after coming all that way. As was previously mentioned, at least it was a non-conference game. We weren’t in the National Championship picture anyway. We just need to focus on getting better as a unit – eliminate mistakes and try to play 60 minutes instead of 59 against the next formidable foe – it will be in 2 weeks against the Comodo-Dores in Oxford. Same ole story; same Ole Miss.

  40. m4rebs Says:

    One other point…..we win that game if we call the defenses that were called once they made it across mid-field on their last drive. When they had it on their side of the field, we rushed 4 and dropped 7 EVERY time. Skinner needed to be pressured, as seen after they made it across mid-field. They didn’t have a completion over 5 yards when we sent some extras on that last drive. The only positive play they had was the interference on Marshay that was solid-D. You’d think we’d have gotten a break with an SEC officiating crew (other than Penn Waggers crew anyway). As I mentioned above, same ole story, same Ole Miss.

  41. m4rebs Says:

    Last one, for real……I think the D is coming around too. Jerry and Hardy will make a HUGE difference on the pressureup front when they are both healthy. That SHOULD allow us to get more pressure from the front 4 and not have to send the extras to get pressure on the QB. I think we are progressing, nobody said making progress wouldn’t be a little painful. It’s all a part of a process, just ask Nick Saban. 🙂

  42. oxfordrebel Says:

    I agree with matt, I don’t understand why we wait till they’re almost in FG range before trying to really put a hat on Skinner. If we could have put that kind of pressure on him the entire game, we’d be 2-0 right now.

  43. 2thdoc Says:

    Yall have a good team and if the D tightens up a bit things should pan out for a good year for the Rebels. Does Ole Miss have any students that would like to punt for us in Starkville? Requirements are to have more than a 28 yard average.

  44. va reb Says:

    Great effort on the road. I agree that putting pressure on Skinner on their last drive could have easily made the difference. Snead is going to be a great one.

  45. aladawg Says:

    Ya’ll need to be realistic. The bad call in the 4th that put you inside the 20 made the game wait till the last minute. and after that gimme you still could not hold on.
    I admit Snead is good but OM cockiness leads to eating crow when the season is over.

  46. AF Says:

    has anyone answered the ruling question over the turnover call in the first quarter.
    what’s the rule for being pushed into someone fielding a fair catch punt?

  47. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    My man Powe was off like a rocket on one play yesterday. I remember “Gentle Ben” doing the same thing once against LSU. Gentle Ben took the LSU center and QB with him. Center and QB both hit the turf.

  48. m4rebs Says:

    aladawg….exactly what type of dog are you????? La. Tech Bulldog? Miss. State Bulldog? Which ever of the two plays better that Saturday? Either way you slice it, you are probably a poop-eating dog.
    And the bad call in teh 4th quarter that you are talking about, I am assuming is the pass interference in the end zone on a ball that you are considering is uncatchable, was defensive holding on an eligible reciever even if the ball is uncatchable, and, my recollection is it is an automatic first-down anyway. Thanks for the call back to reality……your’s was last week in Ruston. And “our” cockiness, sir, you are mistaken of who was cocky entering this season, as I recall you guys were the ones saying 9-3 or 8-4; either type dawg you are, you will be fortunate to reach 5 wins this season.

  49. bigdraws Says:

    Had the pleasure of watching the game with my OM buddy. Got to see him punch out his bbq grill and everything. Good times!!

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