Rebels regain the lead on Snead’s 28-yard pass to Shay Hodge with 11:45 left in the second quarter. Snead avoided a sack on the play, moved to his right and found Hodge in the end zone.

Hodge leaped to make the play over safety Alex Frye. 14-7 Ole Miss. 9 plays, 83 yards, 3:34. Snead was 4-for-5 on the drive. McCluster had a great catch on third down in the middle of the field.

A Lawon Scott sack was good for a 9-yard loss and led to Wake’s fourth punt of the game.

Ole Miss had its first 3-and-out series of the game. After a 6-yard gain on a reverse by Lionel Breaux, Enrique Davis was dropped for a 4-yard loss by DT Michael Carter.

Wake got a 21-yard field goal on the next to last play of the half to make it 14-10. The Deacons had some success on a 64-yard drive working the perimeter of the defense. Wake held the ball for 7:52 and converted two third downs, its first two of the game.

Rebels are moving linemen in and out quite a bit. Jerry has played a lot, though not every snap by any means. Jermey Parnell has been in a few plays.

Ole Miss 14-10 at the half.

— PA


7 Responses to “SECOND QUARTER”

  1. RoastBeef1 Says:

    pa, how surprised are you? I can’t believe the team I’m watching right now. I also can’t believe the coaching staff. Very agressive it seems. Snead is also looking unreal.

  2. pBeez Says:

    That was a fine drive Wake put together to finish off the half. Great to see us hold them to the field goal. I like how things are going. I really want to see us come out in the second half and dominate. We CAN win this game.

  3. bornarebel Says:

    After one half, I think Ole Miss looks like a better team than WF.

  4. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Radio team said Nutt challenged O line at the half to take this first drive of the 2nd half and shove it down the field…looks good so far.

  5. pBeez Says:

    We are struggling to start this half. I am not feeling good.
    Defense is spending too much time on the field.
    We need a big play here to turn the momentum.

  6. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Looks like we’re getting too conservative after those 2 interceptions. Both of them were bad decisions. Hopefully, the offense will look better in the 4th quarter.

  7. rebfan Says:

    the momentum has changed

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