Snead threw a pick after the offense had gained two first downs and was moving well. He locked in on Mike Wallace all the way, and Wake’s Kevin Patterson had the theft.

Defensive line continues to play well for Ole Miss. Following the pick Kentrell Lockett had a tackle for loss then teamed with Allen Walker on a sack to force a punt. Wake is 2-for-10 on third down conversions.

McCluster’s first pass attempt from the Wild Rebel is picked off. The defender made a good play, but McCluster had room to run. Not a great decision.

Wake converted a third-and-9 from the Ole Miss 43 with a 26-yard completion on a fade route. The drive stalled, and Wake settled for a 27-yard field goal. Good pass break-up by Marshay Green on third down from the 10.

It’s 14-13 with 6:18 left in the third, and Wake has scored 10 points on short drives after Ole Miss mistakes.

Bolden fumbles the kick, Ole Miss goes 3-and-out from its 15. Momentum is changing.

Wake goes 41 yards after the short punt. On third-and-4 from the 24 Skinner hits Marshall Williams on a fade down the left side. Perfect pass, and Williams got behind Cassius Vaughn.

Wake has scored 13 unanswered points.

A 61-yard gain to McCluster to the Wake 2 was negated by holding against Maurice Miller. Rebels punt after Snead is hit scrambling by end Anthony Davis. It was a four-play possession that also included a fumble by Cordera Eason.

Wake 20, Ole Miss 14


5 Responses to “THIRD QUARTER”

  1. pBeez Says:

    We are in this, against the #20 team in the country. That dropped return was the break we needed. Great two play touchdown drive, and we are back on top, 20-21.
    We’ve did good to hold them to two FG’s off our turn-overs.
    A hold on this next possession will be big.
    Plenty of time, but this was a huge score.
    As a born & bred ACC Man, all I can say is this league is terrible this year.

  2. david Says:

    some of the calls are bogus lets please the crowd… can you call a tackle out of bounds when samford started trying to tackle him 5 yards from the side, i know they are sec officlas but hey didnt they ref the alabama game? lol

  3. rebfan Says:

    the rebels look tired

  4. pBeez Says:

    the defense has been on the field way too much rebfan.
    That was a great stand there though – as we go to time out.
    Great stand after a terrible 3 and out. We need to grind some time down, and let our D catch its breath – imho.

    I’ve managed to clean the family room and fold a dryer’s worth of laundry cause I can’t sit still and watch. I know we aren’t favored, and we aren’t suppose to win . . . but man, I’ve got a feeling.

  5. rebfan Says:

    does anyone think we will keep snead for three years?

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