FOOTBALL: Some Samford news coverage

It’s not easy to find news on Samford, but here’s a few graphs and a box score from the team’s 62-0 win over Faulkner. Not sure what the win over a small private school in its second season of football means, but it does show that Samford can execute its offense.

— PA


20 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Some Samford news coverage”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Not taking anything away from Samford football, or that they are a “push over”, but the Rebels should have another successful OJT experience here with this out of conference opponent. They got one this past week-end when travelling to Wake Forest, a much more competitive opponent. All this in preparation for a real battle which lies ahead for them when starting to wade through that tough SEC schedule.

    Saw this on Ole Miss web: Former Rebel McAllister To Help Feed Louisiana Families.
    A great American, Mississippian, Ole Miss Football player, and one that contributes to those in need. God Bless you and your efforts.

  2. no_handle Says:

    You’re right, Jimmy! It’s good to hear something positive about an athlete and not drugs, DUI’s, night clubs and guns. Easy to be a Deuce fan. Quality guy.

  3. pBeez Says:

    Deuce continues to prove what a classy gentleman he is. Its great to see in a world to dominated by self-centered turkeys.

    Samford – The App State coach Jerry Moore called the Standford by mistake at the pre-season presser, lol. They join the Southern this year, leaving behind that turkey Ohio Valley – the conference my own school Jacksonville State (not to be confused with Jackson State or Jacksonville). They struggled in the Ohio Valley – mid-pack the last few years. Its a small school, with a beautiful campus in Birmingham. They are putting money into their program, and they’ll have to compete in the Southern. If Samford is small, Faulkner is tiny. I don’t think we can read much into their last performance.

    This should be a good tune up for the Rebels. Lets hope that we don’t play down to our competition, like the boys from Tuscaloosa. I guess after winning that National Championship against Clempson to open the season, Tulane was a let down.

    This will be a good test for Coach Nutt – can he rally the men to play a clearly inferior team (in size, scholarships, ect) after a real disappointing loss last weekend.

  4. m4rebs Says:

    We won’t know any more after this weekend than we do today about this team. What is the point in playing FCS teams? I just don’t agree with it. We aren’t contending for a National Championship, why aren’t we playing a mid-pack Big XII school or a bottom-rung Pac-10 school in the place of Samford? I’m just not a fan of this type of scheduling. Why play 12 if 1 is going to be against this level of competition? Nothing to gain, everything to lose….see NW St. game from 1 year ago (38-31). I gave my tickets away at the Memphis game for this one. Gas and hassel just not worth watching a scrimmage. Do you guys see it differently?

  5. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    A little early before counting the Rebels out for a National Championship unless one is possessed soothsaying or horoscope. The Rebels have lost only one game so far. ND won the NCS once with one loss, and believe it or not the Ole Miss gave them that one loss. GO REBELS

  6. pBeez Says:

    um JB, you are pretty darn optimistic. you sure your a Rebel fan? Where is your fatalism man!?!?!

    I am not opposed to a game like this – I think it does serve as a tune up, and you are right m4rebs, it is a scrimmage – or nearly. As an App State undgrad, I am naturally more supportive of most of these games. Some are natural (or should be) rivalries.

    If the overall strength of schedule balances out, then a cup cake now and then is good for you.

  7. djrebel Says:

    Matt, it’s a money thing. The FCS game is all about guaranteeing a home game for the Grove, easy win, etc, without having to make a trip in return. The “12th” game isn’t going to be a road game. I like Ole Miss’ scheduling approach right now with one BCS conference opponent, one mid-major and two buy-out games.

    — PA

  8. pBeez Says:

    PA – we’ll pay Samford what? about $150,000? 200,000? Jax State got $200K for their game at Georgia Tech.
    If we brought in another D-1 team, what would it cost us?
    When we host an SEC team, what is their cut?
    You are spot on about the money – and for our program, we need big pay days. I told the wife the other day we are going to have start ponying up to the Reb’s to help pay for Houston if they continue to play like this.

    Auburn folks were on sport radio today – so take this for what that is worth – yapping about this being a make or break year for Tubberville. lol – 9 & 10 wins a year for a decade aren’t good enough. Imagine what they are gonna be like if Saban turns things around.

  9. djrebel Says:

    I’ll have to check on what Ole Miss is paying Samford. I know they’re paying my home boys, La.-Monroe, $400,000. I don’t think Samford is getting that much.

    — PA

  10. bhamrebel Says:

    I am from Birmingham, have been a lifelong Rebel fan because my dad is from MS and attended Ole Miss when Archie was there. I graduated from Ole Miss when Eli was there. I played baseball at Vestavia, a high school in Birmingham and could have played at Samford, but chose Furman instead (I transferred to Ole Miss my soph. year). In any case, my friend who never played a down of football in his life, got cut from the Samford baseball team, and for that matter only played a few innings of high school baseball at Vestavia, made their football team his senior year of college (4 years ago).

    Additionally, I was a graduate student at Samford, attended some summer school classes the summer before I transferred to Ole Miss, and through the years have known several people (friends, accquaintances, and siblings of both) who have played various sports at Samford, specifically football. All of this to say, I am qualified to say what I am about to say.

    Samford is not in any way similar to Tulane, UL Monroe, any team in the Southern Conference, or any team normally slated for these slots in SEC schedules. Who is the current NFL representative of Samford? Respectably, Sullivan is trying to build his program, and this is a GREAT game for Samford by all accounts. But how we have fallen victim to this shame I do not know. Playing Samford is one step above playing the big division (6A) state champion in Alabama high school footbal. As a matter of fact, Hoover High School, when John Parker Wilson was there would probably have handled Samford.

    In case I haven’t made it clear, Samford is not even CLOSE to NW St.! A game against App. St., Furman, Georgia Southern, or any well established and publicly accepted I-AA team is par for the course, and I begrudgingly accept them as “tune-ups” or money games, or whatever. But this is shameful. Last year, Georgia Tech put up 62 on Samford before Samford even scored (45-0 at halftime). I think at this time, GT was letting generous Alumni take snaps at the position of their choice.

    Look, I am not suggesting the we do not play I-AA teams, and I am certainly not suggesting that we play anyone from the Pac 10 or any major conference. The brutal SEC West schedule is enough–especially with the horrific interconference play we have to face from the East every year. I firmly believe that Ole Miss (or any team in the SEC for that matter) has nothing to prove when it comes to strength of schedule. But as a self-respecting program with great tradition, we should not be playing unproven I-AA teams. The only two programs in the SEC with good excuse to play Samford would be–Auburn, Sullivan’s Alma Mater, and Alabama–and neither of them would do this because they know it would be a shameful thing to do.

    Samford is a great private university, and I wish their program and Pat Sullivan the best. I also hope that Mississippi College is able to hold on to their top 25 spot in div. 3. With enough success in division three, maybe they will elevate to I-AA. And with enough time in I-AA (and Brett Favre as a coach), maybe Alabama or Auburn will slot them in for a September contest in 2016. Until then, I shall remain the laughing stock of my Alabama and Auburn (and SAMFORD!) friends who are all relentless in their criticism of this Ole Miss “tune-up” date.

    -A Rebel Behind Enemy Lines

  11. va reb Says:

    Another argument for playing in state schools. Makes no sense to play the Samfords of the world…no gain in prestige, huge amount to lose if we stumble…play someone who can at least count toward the number of wins to become bowl eligible..I agree totally with m4rebs.

  12. djrebel Says:

    This game will count toward bowl eligibility. Once upon a time the NCAA would allow a I-AA foe to count toward a bowl game just once in four years. As the smaller schools started demanding bigger payouts, the rules were relaxed. You can play one each season. Samford is the only sub-division I team on the Ole Miss’ schedule this year.

    — PA

  13. VA Reb Says:

    Thanks, PA. That makes me feel a little better about it!! Larry

  14. Chad Says:

    “Another argument for playing in state schools.” I agree VA. I still am not sure why we do not play Southern Miss. Could we play Alcorn or JSU and have one of those game count toward bowl eligibility?

    In years past, we probably would have had a good game against NWCC. Probably better than Samford.

  15. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    pBeez: Maybe a little of both; optimistic and fatalism. Since 1950, as a teenager back in Tula, I have been fan of the Ole Miss Rebels. Diligently following 58 Rebel football teams. During this 58 years, 9 years in Europe and 1 year in SEA, in the USAF. Other years in,California, Colorado, Florida and Mississippi. Have alway found a way to keep up with them. Some of years with a few days of delay, but managing to get a report anyway.

    Optimistic about the team that I saw perform Saturday against a very good Wake Forest football team. A very good QB and in the same catagory of the Mannings. I don’t feel that Mr. Snead’s performance against Memphis and Wake Forest was just lucky days for him. I feel that he has the talent and demonstrated this talent.

    The Best to all, JB

  16. VA Reb Says:

    There was an interesting article in the Clarion Ledger today wondering if it was time to bring USM back on the schedule…but, prospects look kind of dim that it will happen, regardless of what Mississippi fans think. As far as recruiting…if we win against in-state rivals, it will only strengthen our recruiting base. If we lose…then we pay the consequences.

  17. donttouchatwire Says:

    Cortland Finnegan from the tennessee titans played @ samford. NFL defensive payer of the week for week 1.

  18. djrebel Says:

    Larry, you are right. Win and everything takes care of itself. I can only assume that when they weigh risk and reward the administrations at State and Ole Miss think the latter does not outweigh the former.

    — PA

  19. PBeez Says:

    I understand why you don’t play other instate school unless you have to, but I don’t like it. The NC legislature forced NC State & UNC to put ECU on the schedule – they both are going to be hating life this year! Why come to Ole Miss when you can met lower academic requirements at JSU or Alcorn, and still get to play in Oxford every year? You risk a lot, and can loose a lot.
    But as a couple of you said, if you win, its no worries. If you loose, you might never hear the end of it.

  20. OleBull Says:

    PBeez, visit the swamp some time. Don’t think that you would like it either.

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