FOOTBALL: Tuesday practice update

Actually, there was depth chart movement today. Marshay Green was running first team at cornerback ahead of Dustin Mouzon. Marcus Tillman moved back outside to end. A healthier Ted Laurent is back in the starting role at one tackle. Peria Jerry has regained his spot ahead of Lawon Scott at the other tackle. Tillman replaces Emmanuel Stephens at one end. End Greg Hardy, who had foot surgery early in camp, was in shorts jogging at practice. If Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt was correct on his “couple of weeks” Hardy could be in line for a few snaps against Vanderbilt. No reason to put him out there against Samford.

— PA


6 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Tuesday practice update”

  1. Bo Says:

    Mouzon seems to always under-achieves. To me honest, he should be a little ashamed to get beaten by someone that played wide receiver last year!

    Our defense needs to step way, WAY up! We certainly don’t have an SEC caliber defense, so there will be a little added pressure on Snead.

  2. Bo Says:

    Sorry for the typos. I am typing this on my iPhone!

  3. djrebel Says:

    The Green-Mouzon thing could be an on-going battle. Green was beaten on the pass interference call but also had a pbu in the end zone where he covered some ground fast to bat the ball away. The coaches are trying to get better, not standing pat. That’s a good thing.

    — PA

  4. bhamrebel Says:

    In my opinion we have a defensive line that when healthy is as good as any not just in our conference but in the nation. Even hurt, with a poor secondary, and whatever else, I think we are middle to bottom tier SEC caliber defense. The key for the Rebels, in my opinion, is not “Caliber,” because to me caliber is a word that indicates potential and ability (i.e. 30-06, .308, etc.). The key rather is the “Level” of play. We need a higher level of achievement from these SEC caliber athletes, and a friendly competition in practice at cornerback may be the medicine Mouzon, Green, and everyone else needs.
    Also, the cushion that can be created with all of our offensive weapons (esp. Snead), is going to help elevate the level of our play. This can be recalled in the 2003 season when out of nowhere seemingly, the LEVEL of play seemed to rise significantly on both sides of the ball. I felt like our defense showed up at Wake Forest. Wake is an excellently coached good-to-great football team, and there are only two of those teams on our schedule for the rest of the year. Additionally, only one of them (Florida) has a quarterback with the ability to test a secondary to the extent that Riley Skinner did.

    It should also be said that in the final drive, the prevent or preventish looking zone coverage that was called on Wake’s side of the field prevented us from keeping them off of our side of the field. Armchair coordinators are a dime a dozen, but I chalk the loss at Wake up to a few calls that put our players in positions that did not allow them to raise their level of play, but rather put them in positions where they had to try to do something outside of themselves to make a play. Any good coach would agree, and hopefully our staff will learn as much as our players from this well-fought contest against a slightly inferior foe.

    [ps-There were many brilliant play calls last Saturday. The likes of which I have never seen at Ole Miss, as I started watching with Brewer at the helm]

  5. rebelfan38652 Says:

    excellent post bham

  6. paul kelly Says:

    dj i know that every fan is a really good monday morning coach, but one thing i would like to see our corners do, is to come up on the line and bump the receivers sometime. i think we are giving them wat too much cusion.

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