FOOTBALL: Green eager to hold starting spot

Dustin Mouzon took the No. 1 cornerback spot about midway through camp, but Marshay Green was always lurking in the background. Coaches have always praised the energy and competitiveness Green brings to the position.

Sometimes he looks like a feast or famine guy, but that goes hand-in-hand with his approach to the game and his inexperience in the secondary. A junior from Bastrop, La., Green started at receiver his first two seasons.

“I just want to make the best of my opportunity and focus in more. If I can do that, the sky’s the limit,” he said.

With new coaches and a new system, everyone has a bit of learning to do, specifically at defensive back, where the new staff is trying to break old habits of not looking back for the ball.

Green was burned and committed pass interference in the final seconds to help set up Wake’s winning field goal in Saturday’s 30-28 Ole Miss loss. Earlier in the third quarter, however, he broke up a likely touchdown pass in the end zone and forced Wake to kick a field goal.

In two games Green has been credited with two tackles. He says there’s nothing he hasn’t grasped mentally.

“Right now it’s all about me getting more reps and playing in more games,” he said.

— PA


5 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Green eager to hold starting spot”

  1. VA Reb Says:

    It’s always a little scary to have an inexperiencec, though talented, d-back in the game during a situation like Wake’s winning drive. I know Green is really talented, but it’s tough when you see interference on a play that is so critical to the outcome. Of course, if we hadn’t overrun the play, Skinner would have been on his back, and the interference woud have been a moot point. I’m hoping Green will be steady and solid.

  2. Row! Says:

    its about time we have a coaching staff that knows how to teach our defensive backs to look back at the ball when covering receivers. i been going to games for years and years and our d-backs never look back and they got burned time after time. thank God for Coach Nutt and his staff! Go rebs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oxfordrebel Says:

    Agreed VAReb, it is scary to have an inexperienced D-back in on those situations, but that call Saturday was far from pass interference.

  4. jprebel Says:

    Well said Row! I wish I had a nickel for every pass I’ve seen in the last 3-4 years, where our DB’s never turned their heads to find the ball. If they had they shoulda-coulda-woulda intercepted it. It drives me crazy. As for the interference call on Green, I thought it was pretty weak at best. Sure there was a little chicken fighting going on with the hands, but Greens head was turned looking for the ball trying to make a play on it, not playing the man. Just my 2 cents worth.

  5. paul kelly Says:

    dj i am glad to see that they don’t intend to waste green at corner but let him play. i was affraid they were moving him just to have another body over there. he was way too good a receiver to waste like that.

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