FOOTBALL: Predictions anyone?

Ole Miss’ game against Samford isn’t one that should require a lot of analysis to arrive at the final score. Appalachian State showed us last year, by winning at Michigan, that upsets do happen.

The Mountaineers, however, are one of the premiere FCS programs. Samford, in the same Southern Conference, is a rebuilding program projected to finish ninth in the league.

Still, Samford, not Ole Miss, will be the unbeaten team to take the field Saturday night at 6 at Vaught-Hemingway. The Birmingham Bulldogs defeated Division II West Georgia 21-19 and NAIA Faulkner 62-0. Don’t know what to make of the Faulkner score except to say that it appears Samford can execute its offense.

This isn’t a game Ole Miss should have trouble winning. Samford coach Pat Sullivan, the Heisman Trophy winner as the Auburn QB in 1971, acknowledges that, yes, upsets happen. But he hasn’t shown his players Appalachian State-Michigan video, and he isn’t playing up the David vs. Goliath angle. He won’t measure success in this game by the final score but by whether he believes his team improved at the end.

The Rebels need to avoid complacency and distraction. Like Sullivan and Samford, Ole Miss needs to feel like it has improved at the end of night.

For the Rebels, that means establishing the run. They have yet to show they can line up in their base formation, control the line of scrimmage and enforce the will against an opponent. That’s what Houston Nutt’s teams did for years at Arkansas, and Nutt believes he has the ability in the backfield and on the line to do more of that than the Rebels have shown so far.

Defensively, the Rebels showed great improvement in stopping the run from Week 1 to Week 2. They need to improve in pass coverage in this game. Defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix has made a change he hopes will lead to that improvement by moving backup cornerback Marshay Green into a starting role ahead of Dustin Mouzon.

After such a hard loss at Wake Forest, the Rebels are eager to get back on the field and prove themselves against a quality opponent from a major conference.

They won’t get that chance this week.

What they need to do is be clean, crisp and proficient on both sides of the ball, leave confident and move on to Vanderbilt and the SEC next week.

Ole Miss 42, Samford 10

— PA


26 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Predictions anyone?”

  1. cr Says:

    Defense needs a shut out and the offense needs to run the ball.

    45 to zip Rebs.

  2. bornarebel Says:

    Coach Nutt knows how to keep his team from getting complacent and distracted. He is not coach O. I think we will have a big day running the ball.
    Ole Miss – 52
    Samford – 9

  3. PBeez Says:

    42-3, Samford gets a fieldgoal, cause we are nice friendly folks who don’t want to totally humiliate every team from Alabama, just two of them.

  4. Raleighrebel Says:

    I was way off last week, however I was predicting rain, but instead got sunburned. Go Rebels!

    Ole Miss 48

    Samford 9

  5. VA Reb Says:

    47-6 Rebels. Samford gets two field goals in the first half….zip in the second.

  6. stangreb Says:

    Houston Nutt finally gets the Rebels to stop playing down to their competition. Slow start but strong finish over the last 3 qtrs. Leonards loosers Samford 56-7

  7. Row! Says:

    our d- backs finally understand what a WAKE

  8. Row! Says:

    our d- backs finally learn what a WAKE up call means and they start turning around and looking for the ball. the running game has its best game of the year and Snead throws for 4 more touchdowns! OLE MISS 49 SAMFORD 7

  9. rebel2011 Says:

    PA, i heard you last night here in oxford on 97.5, and i agree with you that the rebels just need to play a clean game, most importantly no turnovers, and limit penalties. Those 15 yarders have been killing the defense both games this season. This will be a feel good game and will allow the rebs to really work on fundamentals in a game. Ole Miss gets ready for Vandy at 2-1, by winning 52-6

  10. Jay Stokes Says:

    PA…even though i don’t make many samford games, i watched them play their first one this year against west georgia. they ended up barely winning that one by two points. the running back evans seems like a decent player, although he had a tendency to fumble in traffic. they started a guy at quarterback who was looking pretty bad…then they put another guy in, and he was doing halfway decent. their D line looked very small….especially the ends. the rebel O line should have no problems being dominant against these guys. i’m looking for one of our backs to crack a hundred this week…for snead to add a few more touchdown passes to his stats…and for the secondary to get at least one or two picks.

    Ole Miss – 45
    Samford – 13

  11. Jay Stokes Says:

    one other thing….wallace will finally catch a deep ball or two this week. just in time to get a rhythm down for SEC play.

  12. stangreb Says:

    Billy Tapp plays most of the 2nd half and throws 2 tds.

  13. jr85reb Says:

    My 2 cents worth:
    I believe the 2nd team will play the majority of the second half.

    Ole Miss 52
    Samford 0

  14. RoastBeef1 Says:

    Samford takes an early 7-3 lead, then realizes that they are Samford and Ole Miss wins 45-7.

  15. OleBull Says:

    Mississippi 42 Samford 14.

    Ole Miss coach will use many players during the course of this game. Samford coach will take advantage of this opportunities and score two TD’s.

  16. djrebel Says:

    Stang, I like your shout-out for Billy Tapp. It will be good if he can get some snaps.

    Jay, I hope you’re right on Wallace. He’s close, but he hasn’t gotten there, and he’s frustrated.

    I rarely predict blowouts, but I think Ole Miss has looked well-coached and prepared on offense in two games. If they’re focused Saturday they should crack 40 points again.

    — PA

  17. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I have been out politicing today at Wal-Mart, so now I thing that I will make a prediction for that Rebel-Samford game. Looks like a tight one. Everyone expecting a blow-out. These football game sometime goes like politician and Hurricanes, in everywhich way.

    Ole Miss 27 Samford 13

  18. RebelGiant Says:

    I agree 2nd team will get a bunch of 2nd half reps

    U of Mississippi – 38
    Samford and Son -10

  19. Chad Says:

    Ole Miss jumps out to a 21-0 lead. Then, everyone realizes that we should not be playing 6A high schools. The game will be called at the end of the first quarter.

    JB, I love your avatar. Show that support for Obama! (Laughs cynically)

  20. flareb Says:

    Gentlemen and Farley,
    It’s been a tough week. Business is terrible, took sweetie pie to see her alma mater WVU get clobbered at ECU and Ole Miss lost a heartbraker.My mother says that there is always someone in worse shape than you and to be grateful for what you have. WVU might be that bunch. Looks like they made an Orgeron hire in Bill Stewart. They were outplayed, outcoached and looked lost. That my friends was a chilly plane ride home. If Holtz can keep them focused, ECU could be this years Cinderella…………. I must say that I didn’t feel the anger that I usually do, Ole Miss competed and took some steps in the right direction. Admittedly, it’s a game they should have won.
    I’m with Matt, Why is this game on the schedule? We can do better than this. My prediction, Who cares!!!
    Ole Miss wins 42–3.

  21. bhamrebel Says:

    Wow . . . I am already impressed with the Samford D, who according to most of these predictions will only be slightly better than Memphis!

    The ultimate point about this game needs to be repeated–SAMFORD SHOULD NOT BE ON OUR SCHEDULE!!!

    Now, since they are, here’s what happens:

    1st Qtr: Ole Miss dominates defensively–UGLY UGLY UGLY if you are a Bulldog like my friend who is braving the game to hang with me in Oxford. Additionally the Rebels will literally run over the Bulldogs. I mean, not just our RBs, but Snead may even run over the nose guard and strong side linebacker after he hands off frequently to Enrique Davis, who finally gets the carries required for a back like him to find a rhythm. Snead will not throw much–just a couple of shots deep to releive Mike Wallace.

    2nd Qtr: More of the same–should start to see some back-ups getting action.

    3rd Qtr: Ole Miss scores on their first two posessions and puts it in cruise control. Samford, may in this quarter score on some big play–probably a DB not looking back to find the ball because he will be entranced by the graphic clarity of the bulldog logo’s pierceing bulldog eye gaze.

    4th Qtr: Ole Miss is trying not to score, really trying—Powe may even be getting some reps at fullback. Samford, because Ole Miss is now trying Houston Nutt’s new Wild Rebel defense where all eleven defensive players line up equidistant in a straight line across the field and spring to never-before-seen-locations on the field just prior to the snap, will probably score a few measely points.

    FINAL: OM-73 SAM-10

  22. m4rebs Says:

    I don’t think we play as well as we all think. I’m not saying we aren’t as good as we all think, ok, maybe I am, but then agin, it isn’t easy to just steamroll somebody, when well, we haven’t steamrolled somebody in like 5 years. Even last year’s 24-0 win over La Tech wasn’t a steamrolling, it was more like one side of your yard had Miracle Grow (Ole Miss) and the other had Round-up (La. Tech) – neither deserved to have any of us sitting in the stadium to watch that funeral procession. I just hope that it is not like that tomorrow, not because of coming, I’m not spending $5/gal to come see that….but because some of you are. Hotty Toddy, don’t schedule this one again, please…..
    Ole Miss 31 Samford 13

  23. djrebel Says:

    Matt, that La. Tech game was the most unimpressive 24-0 victory I have ever seen.
    However …
    I thought the Memphis game this year was a steamroll from an offensive perspective. Now the offense has put together solid games back-to-back, and the defense showed improvement.
    It’s not beyond the realm of comprehension to believe Ole Miss could win convincingly.

    — PA

  24. m4rebs Says:

    I agree with that comment PA. We COULD, but WILL WE? Can we win an SEC game on the road? Can we beat a legitimate contender ANYWHERE? Can WE FINISH? These are the questions we will STILL be wondering after Saturday, as mentioned the other day, what is the point of playing? Don’t give me that spin of the small guys deserve chances, Mr. ULaMode!!!!!

  25. djrebel Says:

    Matt, that’s low to start dissing my homies.

    Here’s my take. In two games Ole Miss has looked improved, prepared and better-coached than in the last three years. That being said, I’ll make a prediction based on what I’ve seen this year and not hinder the Rebels by what I saw in the previous administration. I will give them the benefit of the doubt until they indicate they don’t deserve that.

    You raise good points and ask good questions. There is a lot still to learn about this bunch. Personally, I think they’re closer to positively answering your questions than they’ve been in a long time.

    — PA

  26. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    m4rebs my christian brother what has come over you lately? PA does a great job for us. He is the only source of Rebel sports info to us down here in Florida and some other states as Virginia. Wishing you and family a great day. God loves you and so do we. God Bless.

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