John Jerry is back in the game after two plays out. Drive bogs down at the 21 after Eason is dropped for a 3-yard loss, and Snead is incomplete throwing for Hodge in the end zone. Shene is good from 38 yards, he appears to be with it tonight, and it’s a 7-6 game with 13:03 left in the second quarter.

Shene only got on the field for PATs last week. He’s the high scorer right now.

Ole Miss just got in the end zone for the first time, covering 53 yards in six plays. Bolden went six yards for the points taking the Wild Rebels snap. It’s 13-7 with 3:52 left in the half.

Rebels let Samford return the kick to the Ole Miss 39, but Bulldogs go three and punt to the Rebels 9.

The offense awakens. Snead hits three straight passes, fade right to Hodge for 31, fade left to Wallace for 19, and to Breaux in the middle for 29.

Eason goes 12 yards for the touchdown with 59 seconds on the clock. Ole Miss 20-7.

Rebels covered 91 yards in five plays and 51 seconds.

Word we’re hearing up here is McCluster is in the locker room with his pads off. No confirmation on that.

Halftime: Ole Miss 20, Samford 7.

— PA


7 Responses to “SECOND QUARTER”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Thanks for the updates. High gas prices and shortage of gas in midddle TN forced me to stay at home. I appreciate your blog and your updates, P.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Kellum is reporting that McCluster is out of the game with injured ribs. will not return.

  3. djrebel Says:

    Kellum is probably right. He’s got a man on the sideline. We don’t. Ole Miss media relations didn’t know anything about McCluster’s injury.

    — PA

  4. djrebel Says:

    Thomas, maybe the gas problem will correct itself soon. From what I’ve read it sounds like the refineries had no major damage.

    — PA

  5. Thomas Says:

    Hope so, Parrish.

    Stan Sandroni says Dexter’s xrays were negative. Just bruised. May return.

  6. donttouchatwire Says:

    pa, was that guy in or out of bounds on the return?

  7. djrebel Says:

    I didn’t see the replay, but a lot of people around me thought he did not step out of bounds.

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