FOOTBALL: Gospel according to Cutcliffe

Former Ole Miss coach David Cutcliffe, now the head coach at Duke, has created a little buzz around the Blue Devils’ program with two wins. The last time Duke won two games in a season Cutcliffe was in his final season at Ole Miss. Cutliffe also makes some frank comments here regarding the ACC’s ability to attract players when it recruits against the SEC.

— PA


14 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Gospel according to Cutcliffe”

  1. rebmus Says:

    2 wins against 2 very bad teams.

    Duke will be a tad better under Cut, but will still stink.

  2. va reb Says:

    Glad Cut is having some success. He deserves it.

  3. djrebel Says:

    I talked with David several months ago and basically asked, “Why try to get back in the game at Duke?”

    He understood the skepticism of many people but also had the belief that key elements to succeed — like facilities and administrative support — were in place.

    He described it as a “best kept secret” kind of thing and was upbeat and excited to be there.

    — PA

  4. Bruce Dickinson Says:

    Cutcliffe did a good job at Ole Miss. Our fans will deny it but his record speaks for itself. Yes, he didn’t have a replacement for Eli in 04 but that is no reason to vilify the man. He won more than he lost, was respected by his players and by other Coaches and was an honest guy. His replacement was an embrassment.

    When there was an impasse between Pete Boone and David Cutcliffe in 04 and one had to go, Robert Khayat fired the wrong man. Pete Boone embrassed the University and both he and the Chancellor made a boneheaded decision in hiring the worst HC in Ole Miss history. Look at his record it was worse than Sloan, Cooper and Kinard.

    It worked out well for David. He will not win a ACC championship at Duke but he will get them where they can compete week in and week out. He also doesn’t have to worry about a dimwit banker and a law professor/chancellor telling him how to run his team.

    We got us a solid football coach in Houston Nutt, I am afraid that our incompetent administration will nickle and dime him and he will leave. Hopefully, Chancellor Khayat will not make the same mistake again.

  5. djrebel Says:

    When the Micheal Spurlock experiment did not succeed in 2004, the quarterbacks were behind the 8-ball. No one else was ready to take the job and move forward. Perhaps Robert Lane would have been ready had more time been invested in him with the first offense at that point.

    I think under Cutcliffe Robert Lane would have become a capable SEC quarterback. His passing would have improved, and he would have been allowed to run plays — the option — to give him a better chance for success.

    As it turned out Lane was the biggest casualty of the Ed Era.

    I”ve pointed out numerous times that Ed left behind more talent than he inherited. I don’t think recruiting was David’s strength, and when some of key recruits didn’t pan out things looked really thin.

    I don’t think the talent level was as bad as many people believed.

    — PA

  6. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I know that it’s dangerous for me to think, but I thought Robert Lane was recruited out of La to fill Eli’s place. I think Robert kindly and in a way got the “shaft”. Believe he could have gone to LSU.

  7. Bruce Dickinson Says:

    Recruiting was not David’s strength after Mike McIntyre and Ron Middleton left. Another problem, which has also affected MSU, is the poor Miss Public Schools. The eligible pickens are slim. Perhaps, Ed did leave a little more talent than David but we had a lot of attrition in Ed’s first class. Considering how poorly our defense has played the last 2 years, particularly at cb and lb, I am starting to feel Ed’s recruiting prowless was smoke and mirrors. He did get us some good players – McCluster, Wallace, Eason, Sneed, Oher, Jerrys, Hardy but the rest seem to struggle.

  8. cr Says:

    When Cut arrived there were 13 players that went on to play in the NFL. He left us with 5. How is that for destroying a program. The real question is how did Tub get away.

  9. bornarebel Says:

    I have often wondered what our football program would be like if Tubby would have stayed all these years.

  10. Will Says:

    This is a tried subject, but certainly a devisive one. While I am not a huge Orgeron fan, I do not believe he was given the pieces to succeed. The talent level was low when he arrived, an offensive coordinator was forced upon him, and his machismo was fodder for the press to deride him continuously. However, more and more David Cutcliffe has become the darling of the press. All things considered, Cutcliffe seems to have fired himself by simply not doing what the administration asked him to do- replace some staff. If you ever wonder how it would have played out if PB and RK had left Cutcliffe alone, just look a little southeast of Oxford to that other school.

    Also, know one knows what would have happened with Cutcliffe concerning his heart condition and the year off. Who would have coached Ole Miss in an interim situation? Kurt Roper? Matt Luke? Some folks believe Cutcliffe knew he was sick and knew talent was weak at Ole Miss, so he used the impassse with Boone as a means to get out and still get paid.

    And finally, while I would love for Boone to be replaced with Eric Tillman, GM for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL, we must give Boone credit for two very good hires at Ole Miss- Andy Kennedy and Houston Nutt. He did what was necessary to keep Mike Bianco when LSU came searching. If Orgeron had worked out, everyone would be saying what a genius Boone was for getting Orgeron. In the end, he has led Ole Miss to record growth (for Ole Miss) in the athletic department.

    I personally wish David Cutcliffe well at Duke. But I also wish the media/press would quit bringing him up.

  11. djrebel Says:

    Will, I bring him up because people remain interested in how he does.

    — PA

  12. Will Says:

    I don’t consider you media/press 🙂 … are a normal guy who loves Jesus….

  13. paul kelly Says:

    will you are right about cut. all he had to do was to hire some cordinators that knew what they were doing and let them do it and he could have stayed a little longer. but even if he had hired some he would not have let them do their jobs. he was used to having superior talent at tenn. and being able to run that conservative offense and that was just not the case at ole miss. while i think cut is a good man and i will always remember that he left a national championship team at ut to coach our boys in their bowl game when the snake ran out on them with his entire staff, i think it was best that he move on. i wish him well in anything he does. but i am happy with the coach we have now. GO REBELS

  14. djrebel Says:

    Thanks Will, although it would probably be good if you considered me media/press a little bit.

    — PA

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