FOOTBALL: SEC rankings

John Pitts loves rankings. He’s the boss, and he asked Brad and I to put together our own SEC rankings.

Here’s my list. Feel free to leave your adjustments.

1. Georgia
2. LSU
3. Florida
4. Alabama
5. Auburn
6. Vanderbilt
7. Ole Miss
8. Tennessee
9. Kentucky
10. South Carolina
11. MSU
12. Arkansas

— PA


14 Responses to “FOOTBALL: SEC rankings”

  1. Row! Says:


  2. VA Reb Says:

    1. Florida; 2. Georgia; 3. LSU; 4. Auburn; 5. Alabama; 6. Ole Miss; 7. Tenn; 8. Vandy; 9. South Carolina; 10. Kentucky; 11. Arkansas; 12. MSU

  3. bornarebel Says:

    1. Florida
    2. Georgia
    3. LSU
    4. Auburn
    5. Ole Miss
    6. Alabama
    7. Vandy
    8. South Carolina
    9. Kentucky
    10. Tennessee
    11. Arkansas
    12. MSU

  4. oxfordrebel Says:

    The only thing I would switch is LSU and UF, everything else looks good

  5. john Says:

    1. LSU (until the lose, they are natl champs and they haven’t looked bad)
    2. Florida
    3. Georgia
    4. Alabama
    5. Auburn
    6. Ole Miss
    7. Vanderbilt
    8. Tennessee
    9. Kentucky
    10. South Carolina
    11. MSU
    12. Arkansas

  6. TrueReb Says:

    1. Florida
    2. LSU
    3. Georgia
    (4 to 6) is a toss up
    4. Ole Miss
    5. Alabama
    6. Auburn
    7. Tennessee
    8. Vanderbilt
    9. South Carolina
    10. Kentucky
    11. MSU
    12. Arkansas

  7. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    My ranking differ from PA’s. Can’t post them just now, got “honey does” to take care of.

  8. rebnutt Says:

    Your list implies that you’re picking Vandy over us this Sat.? Is that a fair assumption?
    I like your order, but I would switch Vandy & Tenn.

  9. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    1. Florida Gators (I have a loyality to them, since Florida is our adopted State) The Gator do have a very good football team(lead by TBo )

    2. LSU
    3. Georgia
    4. Ole Miss (On the way to a very good season)
    5. Alabama
    6. Tenn
    7. Auburn (Offense sucks!!! Great defense)
    8. South Carolina
    9. Vandy ( hot start, but season will wear on them) Probably lose this
    week-end to the Rebels 27-24.
    10. Kentucky
    11. Arkansas???? +/-
    12. MSU (Great defense but that defense cannot carry this team. No more
    3-2 games for them this season. A lose to Ga Tech this week-end
    and martial law maybe be enforced at Starkville.

  10. bhamrebel Says:

    1. LSU (they have earned this until they lose it)
    2. Georgia
    3. Florida
    4. Alabama (because they have a marquee win already)
    5. Ole Miss (only loss is to a top 25 team and two decisive wins)
    6. Auburn (they are 3-0 with unimpressive wins–and play in Oxford this year.)
    7. Vandy (not sure how they can’t be above SC at this point, and I don’t see them stopping Snead and Co.)
    8. South Carolina (showed up against GA)
    9. Tennessee (UCLA loss is looking worse and worse)
    10. MSU (think we will see the bulldogs establish themselves as the best of the bottomfeeders)
    11. Arkansas (Petrino will do something good)
    12. Kentucky
    ps- State will definitely lose at Tech this weekend

  11. j kovacs Says:

    For one thing, GO GATORS! Second is that I think Florida should be ranked number one in the SEC and about fourth in the nation. I think if they win against LSU in the swamp, they should be ranked second in the nation. If they lose, maybe about twelfth. And for last, I’m eleven years old. J Kovacs!

  12. Gamecockfan23 Says:

    they beat Ole Miss 31-24 great season coming hopefully they will beat florida and clemson and we’ll have a pretty good season

  13. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Gamecockfan, congrat on your win in yesterdays game, consider it a gift from the Rebels. Yes! an unearned one at that. So celebrate now, when you meet the Gators, they will remember Spurrier as a turn coat and probably send the gamecocks to heaven, because they are going to beat the hell out of you.

  14. bigdraws Says:

    JB, nice catch. Is that a recent picture?

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