BASEBALL: Ferguson arrested

Ole Miss shortstop Tim Ferguson was arrested on a handful of DUI-related charges early today. He becomes the third Ole Miss athlete in a month, the second baseball player, arrested on such charges.

— PA


2 Responses to “BASEBALL: Ferguson arrested”

  1. no_handle Says:

    It’s football season and I may be the only Rebel interested in baseball right now. You know it hasn’t been that long since baseball blogs would get more hits in football season than the football blogs. We all hung our hat on the fact that at least we had baseball season. Nut and this year’s football team have returned some hope and pride back to Rebel land. By the way, I listened to some of the Ole Miss radio show tonight. It is absolutely amazing how much more confidence, excitement and quality answers Nut provides to the show versus the previous “head” coach. Back to baseball, I am saddened by the choices the athletes are making. Of course, the student population in general makes the same poor decisions…just not under the same microscope as the athletes. Change subjects, what’s the status of the baseball construction? Will there be baseball on campus in 2009? If not, what are their options?

  2. djrebel Says:

    There will be campus baseball. Maybe not at the beginning. Options are being explored. There’s not much that I can see past one of the local high schools. Maybe one or two at other venues, but other venues (Memphis) are at least an hour away. No reason to drive to Tupelo for a high school field when there are two in Oxford.

    — PA

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