FINAL: Vanderbilt 23, Ole Miss 17

Standard Ole Miss drama in defeat. Read it in Sunday’s print edition.

— PA


6 Responses to “FINAL: Vanderbilt 23, Ole Miss 17”

  1. oxfordrebel Says:

    PA, you need to move to the Atlanta or Gainesville area, you’re too good of a writer to waste your time on these MS teams. Or better yet, go back home, LSU wouldn’t be a bad team to cover either

    I’m just kidding of course, but I know it has to be kinda frustrating for you as a writer to cover a team with so much potential but just fizzles under the hype. I know you have to be unbiased and all that stuff, but still, you can’t cover a team for as long as you have and not have a tendency for wanting them to succeed. Sure makes the paper write-ups easier I bet when you can write all good things 🙂

  2. farley662 Says:

    Guys, you have the world of hope to look forward too. No way we ever get rid of Wxxdy or Crxxm. We have four more years of this crap!

  3. akrebel84 Says:

    great time to be a football fan in mississippi isnt it…by the way the starting quarterbacks for both teams threw a combined 0 TDs and 6 ints.

  4. farley662 Says:

    As Charlie Brown would say, “Good grief!”

  5. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Good morning all, hope no hang overs in the crowd. Strange things happening these days, Ole Miss may just venture down into the swamp next week end and pull out a prize. We never know, one bad game played and the next a whole different team.. So we shall wait and see. Off to church, wishing all a good day.

  6. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Anyone check on the goat this morning?

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