Vanderbilt won the toss and took the ball.

Word up here is that Greg Hardy will only play in third-down situations.

Vanderbilt successfully worked the edges with quick passes and wide runs on its first possessions. The Dores finally ran at the middle with Hawkins on a third-and-1 from the 43 and gained 3 yards.

The Rebels stopped QB Chris Nickson for no gain on third-and-4 from the Ole Miss 48, and Vanderbilt punted into the end zone.

On Ole Miss’ first possession Snead looked much sharper, and Eason ran well. It was a struggle with 35 yards in penalties, holding downfield against Shay Hodge, a personal foul late hit against David Traxler and holding against Maurice Miller.

Ultimately the penalties were too much to overcome to get in the end zone.

The Rebels got 3 on a 20-yard field goal by Joshua Shene that hit the right upright and bounced through instead of out.

Ole Miss 3, Vanderbilt 0 … 5:10

Peria Jerry just returned a Nickson fumble 13 yards for a touchdown. Looked like Nickson’s arm may have been going forward for an incomplete pass but the ruling on the field was confirmed. We can’t decide who was hitting Nickson to force the fumble, but there was pressure around him.

Ole Miss 10, Vanderbilt 0 … 4:54.

Vandy’s Hawkins just fumbled on first down, and Kentrell Lockett recovered. The call was challenged by VU coach Bobby Johnson. The first review was not a challenge. The call was confirmed again.

Ole Miss took over at the VU 20.

False start by Oher. Now 40 yards in penalties against Ole Miss.

The Rebels can’t handle the prosperity. Ryan Hamilton steps in front of a Snead pass and returns it 79 yards for a touchdown.

When it could have been 17-0, it’s 10-7. Since throwing four TDs at Wake, Snead has thrown three picks, this one returned for the points.

Looked like Snead was throwing for tight end Gerald Harris on a quick pattern to the right side.

It’s rather quiet here now.

There have been three turnovers in the last 32 seconds.

Mike Wallace just returned the kick 98 yards for a touchdown. Got through a hole on the right side, went down the sideline a bit, then cut back to the middle of the field.

Second straight game with a special teams return touchdown for Ole Miss.

Ole Miss 17, VU 7 … 4:17.

Vandy’s Sean Walker just returned the kick to the VU 41. Tack on 15 for facemask against Cassius Vaughn. Now 55 yards in penalties against Ole Miss.

A 12-yard comlpetion and a 22-yard run by Hawkins off the right side, and Vanderbilt is quickly at the 8.

Nickson to Hawkins in the right flat on third-and-goal from the 9 for the touchdown.

Special teams giveth and special teams taketh away.


Lots of time for Nickson who looked to at least his second option, maybe third.

Greg Hardy was not in on that play. Seems like a play where you want to utilize him if he’s healthy.


Ole Miss 17, Vanderbilt 14 … 1:17.

Snead rushes the play. Play clock down to 2 at the snap. Snap rolls back to him. 14-yard loss, but he jumps on the fumble.

Last play of the quarter.

Fourth-and-21 from the 10 when play resumes.

Given the penalties, the pick and the near catastrophe just avoided, the Rebels are lucky to be where they are.

Ole Miss 17, Vanderbilt 14


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