FOOTBALL: No live TV for South Carolina

Kickoff for the Rebels’ game against the Gamecocks on Oct. 4 will be 1 p.m.

— PA


6 Responses to “FOOTBALL: No live TV for South Carolina”

  1. oxfordrebel Says:

    Nobody is buying into us this year apparently. After Saturday, guess I can see why.

  2. john Says:

    boy, no tv… that’s a relief… our embarassment can remain in the family.

  3. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    The spread in this weeks UM vs FLA game is at 23 right now!

  4. va reb Says:

    I think there’s still hope..the offensive line is the mystery to me. I thought we would be much stronger. We certainly have the size. Any thoughts?

  5. Mike Says:

    Va, I agree about the OL. Wasn’t pass blocking supposed to be their forte? I watched the Wake game and was at the Vandy game and a lot of what I saw was Snead either throwing on the run, off his back foot or with someone in his face. Either Oher’s not nearly as good as everyone thinks he is or Vandy’s got one hell of a defensive end.

    And can someone please explain why our staff thought we could or SHOULD try stretching the field against Vandy? They were unable to stop the run and they were unable to stop the quick outs when we threw them. I would have taken 5 to 7 yards a play all night long and beaten Vandy like they should have been beaten. Unbelievable.

  6. bhamrebel Says:

    I too am baffled by the seemingly insatiable appetite the OC (or whoever is calling the plays) has to “mix things up.” This lack of desire to punish the mismatches on the field is why we only beat Samford 34-10, and it is why we didn’t run Vandy into the ground and embarass them.

    Eason averaged over 7 yds per carry! Almost every high percentage pass was completed. Offensive balance, the ability to do different things, is a noble aspiration, but for the Rebels–I’d like to see a WIN!! I swear, it seemed like we were running two different offenses out there. One that smashed them in the mouth, and one that existed for no other reason than to show different plays that we can run (four of which resulted in interceptions by the way).

    The most stunning blunder I thought preceded the long Shene miss. We were 2nd and 8, and we threw a fade to the left side of the endzone and a fade to the right side of the endzone on 2nd and third downs consecutively. And this with a struggling QB! This was unbelieveable to me.

    Honestly, this was a game that we could have turned the ball over 10 times and still won with ball control and fundamentals. Also, did anyone find it a strange call with first and goal from the 9 to line up with your smallest offensive player and run it up the middle? I don’t really see “McCluster up the middle” as part of any quality gameplan. Seriously–was Brandon Bolden in the bathroom?

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