FOOTBALL: Quick notes from presser

— After watching the film Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said he was encouraged in the aftermath of the Rebels’ 23-17 loss to Vanderbilt, because he believes the team is close to learning how to win.

“They’re really close to believing in this staff. They’ll tell you they do, but change is difficult. It’s a transformation,” Nutt said. “They’re very close. I’d just like to play one game where we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot with critical errors, one game where somebody really beats us.”

Nutt encouraged media to call Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson and Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe.

“They’ll tell you we’re different,” he said.

— Nutt emphasized that neither the team nor the coaching staff has lost confidence in quarterback Jevan Snead. Because of Snead’s game at Wake Forest, teams are scheming him differently and are throwing in new wrinkles on game day that they haven’t shown previously, Nutt said.

— The fourth-and-goal play from inside the Vanderbilt 1 in the third quarter was blocked well and the hole was there. It was not necessary for tailback Cordera Eason to dive, but Eason did dive. Nutt said he always wants to see his offensive line become more physical, but that particular play was blocked.

— End Greg Hardy played about 15 plays and show no ill-effects afterward. Expect his role to continue to increase. There were no new injuries from the Vanderbilt game.

— PA


14 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Quick notes from presser”

  1. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    Nutt will definetley get his chance to have our rebels truely beaten this weekend in Gainsville. To me, They look like the best team in the conference this year.

  2. Bruce Says:

    “I’d just like to play one game where we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot with critical errors, one game where somebody really beats us.”

    Wow…if HDN does not succeed in turning the program around, Arky fans will hold those words over our heads for years.

  3. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    The Rebels definitely have their work cut out for them Sat down in the swamp.

    The Gator didn’t allow a score until late in 4qtr.
    Stats should anyone be interesting:
    UF UT

    FIRST DOWNS………………. 16 16
    Rushing………………… 9 5
    Passing………………… 4 8
    Penalty………………… 3 3
    NET YARDS RUSHING…………. 147 96
    Rushing Attempts………… 39 31
    Average Per Rush………… 3.8 3.1
    Rushing Touchdowns………. 0 1
    Yards Gained Rushing…….. 159 99
    Yards Lost Rushing………. 12 3
    NET YARDS PASSING…………. 96 162
    Completions-Attempts-Int…. 8-15-0 18-28-1
    Average Per Attempt……… 6.4 5.8
    Average Per Completion…… 12.0 9.0
    Passing Touchdowns………. 2 0
    TOTAL OFFENSE YARDS……….. 243 258
    Total offense plays……… 54 59
    Average Gain Per Play……. 4.5 4.4
    Fumbles: Number-Lost………. 0-0 2-2

    Not too bad comparison, but the score tells the real story.

    Maybe Ole Miss will get things together and give the Gators a good game. They have in the past. Rebels play Gators tough. Eli did to the Gators twice what Peyton could never do while at Tenn.

    Could be a major upset in the making.

  4. Bo Says:

    I think the Rebels will play inspired and I think we’ll play them better than most think. If Florida has a weakness, it’s that they don’t run the ball well consistently and they can get either too conservative and/or too cutesy with their play-calling and they let drives stall. Tebow really didn’t even play that well against Tennessee.

    There’s NO WAY I’m saying that the Rebels will win, but I’d be surprised if it was as bad as the spread. I say we get beat by 13-17 points.

  5. Bo Says:

    Most importantly, whether we get beat by 1 point or 100 points, I’d love to see us win the turnover ratio/battle!

  6. Jay Stokes Says:

    i agree with Bo on florida……also, they didn’t impress me that much against UT. i don’t deny that florida is a great football team and will probably win the conference this year, but i think it’s funny how many people give them a free pass on being “the best team in the country” or some such thing.

    somehow ole miss always tends to play florida tough. i could never predict a rebel win on saturday, but crazier things have definitely happened. i think it will be a 7 or 10 point victory for the gators when the dust settles. that’s ONLY if the rebels take care of the ball. if they start their usual routine with turnovers, it will get ugly really quick.

  7. m4rebs Says:

    I’m thinking about putting the morgatage on the Gators. Strong consideration. It’d be the ONLY bet on a football game of monetary value in my life, to date. I hope we win as much as any other Reb fan, but realism is going to kick in at some point, and I just don’t think we are there yet. And it doesn’t get easier after this week. As the man on rivals said, Nutt has the hardest job of his career going forward. We’ll see what we’ve got on Saturday morning. Are they going to roll-over and pack it in, or will they stand in there and take a blow???? For the future of the program’s sake, I hope it is the later.

  8. cnd46 Says:

    Man, its weird being on this blog. JB, I will be at the debate on Friday night, just not in the place that they are doing it. I will be at a party downtown with the Party. Look forward to coming up to Oxford to see some good friends of mine and met some good Ole Miss people.

  9. flareb Says:

    I’ve done quite a bit of reading the last couple of nights, everyone is upset and rightfully so. We want so desperately to turn this thing around. Let’s all give it time, it will work out.
    I will be in the swamp on Saturday, among a bunch of bull gators and hoping that the Rebs can keep it competitive. Ole Miss has played Fla. tough the last few years and for the most part they have benefited by catching the Gators the week after the Vols. I don’t know that the Gators were even tested last weekend and that scares me. Gators have some issues and they know that Georgia might have there number. There defense has played way over there head and there is still the running game that is not national championship caliber……..Ole Miss needs to find out how to finish a game, learn how to win. I’m sure that JB has stated this in the past but “if you keep bringing someone to water and don’t let them drink, you either remain thirsty or quench it.”

  10. farley662 Says:

    I honestly think you guys are just one win away from going on a tear. It can’t get worse for you guys. Only better. Nutt is a good guy and a great coach. Wish he was in Vegas.

  11. Bo Says:


    I hope all is well with your family! I went to junior high and high school with your wife, and I feel bad that I never left a comment on her Facebook page during after Aedan’s birth. You guys were certainly in my prayers!


  12. farley662 Says:

    Thanks man. We have an appointment tomorrow to find out if he will have to have more than one surgery. You guys send positive thoughts this way.

  13. djrebel Says:

    Farley, good luck with the appointment. I’ll be praying for you guys.

    — PA

  14. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    cnd46, glad that you could make it over here. I have been out on the roam most of the day. Seeing that my granddau safely off to school; later picking her from after school band practice. So its been busy with all the in betweens.
    We have got a lot of good friendly people over here on this site, full of hospitality.
    Good travels to you on your journey to Oxford, my old stomping grounds from a child.
    Please come back for another visit at you convienence, its a pleasure, JB

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