FOOTBALL: Kent Austin on Florida

Here’s what the Ole Miss offensive coordinator had to say about the Gators and some other topics relative to the Rebels.

— PA

What have you seen out of Florida?

“They have great athletes and great team speed. They run to the ball well. They tackle well. They’re aggressive. They’ve got great athletes across the board.”

Ole Miss hit big plays vs. UF last year. Is that the way to get things done?

“We’re one to throw the ball up and stretch the defense. We haven’t done a great job of connecting on a lot of throws this year, although we’ve had receivers open. That’s not going to change. That’s in our personality offensively. We want to make sure that every part of the field is available to us from an attacking standpoint.”

What did you think of Cordera Eason’s game last week?

“I thought outside of that series (at the goal line in the third quarter), Cordera played one of his better games this year. He really played well in all three phases. He’s really coming on and becoming a complete back.”

How’s Jevan done this week after the four INTs against Vanderbilt?

“Jevan’s done well. You know, Jevan cares so much and he’s competitive that it’s hard for him to let go. Jevan needs to learn to forget and understand that the last play has no bearing on the current play. I think he’s starting to learn that more and more and he’s getting more comfortable. He just needs to continue to work at the things that will make him a good quarterback. It’s not just fundamentals and the physical part of the game, but it’s making sure he studies properly and he understands from a pre-recognition standpoint what he’s looking at offensively.”

Were all the interceptions Jevan’s fault?

“The first pick wasn’t fault. The first pick was the receiver’s fault. It was a horrible, terrible pattern that he ran. That being said, though, he should have adjusted his read to the other side of the field. But when he decided to take the throw into the boundary, we need the guys around him to play better. Look, I played the position too and so did Coach Nutt. We understand uniquely that it’s not always the quarterback’s fault on some of those mistakes that seem so glaring from a fan perspective.”

“You’re not going to win every play. You’re not going to. Jevan just needs to let the game come to him a little bit more and the players around him need to be a little bit crisper as well.”

Does Florida try to out-scheme you or do they just play base?

“They don’t play a whole lot of stuff. They just line up and play. I mean, they run enough to keep you guessing and they’re not going to be vanilla across the board the entire game. That being said, with the athletes they have, they don’t have to do a whole lot.”

Has there been any consideration to you coming down from the booth?

“We had those discussions before the season and we decided I could serve the team better from the booth. We haven’t discussed it since the preseason.”


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  1. jwbreb Says:

    Rebels 31 Gators 28

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