FOOTBALL: Morning Update

I’ve heard a lot of comments on Tim Tebow’s postgame speech following the Ole Miss win over Florida and went digging around for the video today. Here’s the link. He seems as stunned as all the Florida fans I saw that he didn’t make it on fourth-and-1.

The Ole Miss presser is at 2 p.m. today. Linebacker Tony Fein is expected to attend. Hope so. He hasn’t talked much this season, but he’s taking on a bigger and bigger role.

The fourth-and-1 would never have come about if Fein hadn’t scooted over to the right sideline and made a solo tackle on Brandon James, one of the fastest players in the SEC.

SEC weekly awards will come out in a little. Ole Miss could have a defensive lineman of the week in Ted Laurent.

I’ll have an update later and some notes after the presser.

— PA


10 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Morning Update”

  1. Will Says:

    Thanks, PA, for posting the video link to the comments made by Tebow. I was critical of his comments as I read them in the AP story. In the video I see that he did give credit to Ole Miss, which was the proper thing to do.

    I still am impressed with Tim Tebow as an athlete and individual. Maybe I don’t understand the “swagger” since it has been a long time since I was a part of anything dominant like UF. But I have a problem with arrogance, and it appears that he and his coach are bordering on arrogance. Humility is a tremendous attribute.

  2. djrebel Says:

    Will, that’s a great way to put it. I think Tebow’s comments did “border” on arrogance. Tim Tebow does not come across as arrogant on the field by talking trash and pointing at opponents, that kind of stuff.

    But I did think I heard the word “I” too much in his postgame remarks. I think I counted “I” or “me” eight times. He did give some credit to Ole Miss, but it seemed just kind of standard, like he was expected to mention the other team.

    Tim Tebow may have underestimated the Rebels’ defensive line.

    — PA

  3. donttouchatwire Says:

    “and it appears that he and his coach are bordering on arrogance.”


    For this is reason I dislike Tebow so much. It appears that he is a fine young man off the field with his mission work and church work. But within the football environment he appears to be on a high horse. He does not trashtalk or get in peoples faces. There is no need. He backs everything up with his play on the field. Tebow is good…very good. It gave me great pleasure for Ole Miss to stop him on that play.

  4. VA Reb Says:

    Disagree with the arrogance. Tebow came across to me in the video as an extremely disappointed young man who felt extremely bad that he hadn’t done all that he thought he could do to win the game. Let’s face it: if you think you didn’t give your best, giving the other team kudos isn’t the top thing on your mind. I have no doubt that they will recover and probably win the SEC East. Myers is another story. You would expect him to be disappointed but not to the point that Tebow was. He should be the one to come out and say that the Rebs’ defense, and particularly the pressure we put on Tebow, was the game changer.

    I would love to see a rematch with them in the championship game!! Go Rebs!

  5. southernbutter Says:

    PA, is there any word on Pay-Per-View for the Gamecocks? Thanks as always and GO REBS!!!

  6. djrebel Says:

    No word on pay-per-view. If that changes I’ll post it here.

    — PA

  7. Jay Stokes Says:

    Gosh I can’t stand Tebow. This video only reinforced that. I had heard about this but hadn’t seen the footage. It reminded me of Terrell Owens’ notorious “That’s my quarterback” video. He’s acting like he just ran over somebody. This is SEC football. You win some, you lose some. He just lost to a talented team and doesn’t want to face the fact that he was stopped cold on 4th and 1.

    Two out of the three “mistakes” he is talking about were good defensive plays by Ole Miss. Those balls were stripped by the defenders, not just carelessly dropped on the turf. The Wild Rebel and a few amazing throws from Snead put up 31 points on their defense. Tebow was sacked time after time, and rarely had all day to throw the ball. Great game by the Rebels. They shot at the king and killed him. I predict at least one more Gator loss before the season is over.

    No doubt, I feel bad for whoever Florida is playing next week. Meyer will probably go into the game with a goal of putting up at least 60 points.

  8. Bo Says:

    It’s kinda like blaming McCluster for his fumble at the goal-line against Vandy. He was holding on to the ball tightly, and wasn’t being careless with the ball. The Vandy defender just made a great play.

    That’s the way it is in football. Sometimes you give A+ effort, but the other team/guy makes a great play. Tebow just needs to learn that.

    With as many heartbreaking losses as we’ve had over the last 5 years, it was really nice to have the other team go to the locker room with the extremely sour taste in their mouths.

  9. AGRReb Says:


    Agree with you on Fein. He also is not getting near the credit he deserves for blowing up the center (#56 i think) on that last play, he took on Florida’s center and actually knocked him into Tebow, which resulted in the no gain as much as anything. Thanks to TIVO, I replayed that play 15 times, and Fein did a nice job along with P Jerry and the other DL. Go back and watch the replay if you get a chance.

  10. JG Says:

    The game is going to be available in SC, but I am not sure if it is anywhere else. ESPN has the option to pick it up on gameplan now.

    PA is there someone at Ole Miss you can contact?

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