FOOTBALL: Quick notes from presser

— There’s a feeling of joy and elation as you might imagine. The Rebels got over one hump by getting a big win. Now the hump they must get over this week is handling success.

“It’s a tough grind, and to say, you’ve made it … you ain’t made nothing,” Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said. “All you have to do is look at the second quarter Saturday. We were very disoriented and disorganized. We let the 94,000 get to us, and we lost lots valuable field position.”

After spending so much time getting players up, Nutt says he recognizes the challenge now of keeping them grounded.

— Tony Fein was a no-show at the presser. Has a class, we’re told. We may have some comments from Fein tomorrow after practice. He hasn’t spoken to media much this year, but he’s become a pretty big story with his play.

— Man of the hour today was freshman defensive back Marcus Temple. He was a late signee, a Virginia native who didn’t have any big offers close to home. It was later in the recruiting process when he began to talk with “Mississippi,” he said. Temple had the first contact with Tebow on the game-deciding fourth-and-1 and really had the biggest part in a defensive stop that probably more and more people will claim to have had a hand in years from now. Temple’s contact with Tebow slowed him enough for the Cavalry to arrive. It didn’t take long, because there was no push against the Ole Miss defensive line.

— Linebacker Patrick Trahan drew a start against the Gators and will likely remain in the lineup. Guard Maurice Miller did not start, though he got into the game at tackle when John Jerry sustained a shoulder sprain. Reid Neely started in place of Miller, who overslept and wasn’t at the bus on time on Friday. Nutt said competition this week will determine whether Neely or Miller starts Saturday against South Carolina.

— PA


11 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Quick notes from presser”

  1. donttouchatwire Says:

    pa, can you contact somebody at cbs and ask them why the keep putting TENNESSEE on their 2:30 games? tennessee is not good this year yet they will have had three cbs games and quite possible to lose all three of them. buncha BUNK!

    cbs took UT (1-3) / UGA (4-1) over Florida (3-1) /LSU (4-0).

    what gives?

  2. david Says:

    lunquist needs to get the boot, he is in love with Tebow, I watched the game last week and I swear he said that Tebow is a great person like 20 times, I mean come on if you love him so much marry the man…lol…I can honestly say I may be in Kansas City but I can promise everyone heard me going crazy after knocking off fla

  3. donttouchatwire Says:

    appears cbs took both of the games i mentioned. tis a double header

  4. paul kelly Says:

    someone should be televising the rebs this week instead of the florida arky massacre.

  5. paul kelly Says:

    pa i have been trying to figure out how to get the fans more involved in the game and helping get the players fired up. why not have the cheer leaders hold up signs with different players names on them and urge the crowd to cheer each individual player on. like defense jamarca, defense jerel, all the way marshay and so on. can you imagine how pumped it would get you for 60,000 people calling your name? if you think this might be a good idea, could you pass the idea along?

  6. akrebel84 Says:

    PA whos spot did trahan take?

  7. RoastBeef1 Says:

    paul, with all do respect, I don’t go to the game to try and play cheerleader and come up with catchy chants. If something happens during a game, I’ll definitely yell and all, but I’m not going to start acting like a junior high girl at a football game. If a player can’t get pumped to being playing in the SEC in front of 60,000, then he shouldn’t be on that field.

  8. djrebel Says:

    Paul, gotta go with Beef on that one. I think the cheers add to the atmosphere of college football for the fans. I think most of the players don’t realize much of what’s going on on the side.

    AK, Trahan started ahead of Palmer.

    — PA

  9. m4rebs Says:

    I agree with PA & RB. The other thing that pisses me off is when all the players and coaches start asking the crowd to get louder……espically after the other team is like 9 for 10 on 3rd Down conversions anyway. If you stop them, I guarantee you we’ll get loud. I swear I saw Ed Oregeron get mad at the crowd more times than not that we weren’t as loud as Tiger Stadium when EVERYONE in the stadium knew that the 3rd and 12 was going to be converted for another back-breaking first down. I don’t think we should cheer for an individual in unison and I don’t think players should ask to be cheered for either. Do your job, the rest will take care of itself.

  10. m4rebs Says:

    Did anyone else see Ashlee Palmer’s reaction after he was penalized for the offsides on Saturday???? He didn’t wait for a coach to call him to the sideline, he just darted directly over there. That’s competition we haven’t had at LB in a long, long time. Healthy competition I might add. When you screw up, it’s nice to know there’s somebody right behind you to take up the slack. Dumb penalities can’t be tolerated and the only way to enforce is sitting the perp down!!! Tip of the hat to the Rebel Staff on that deal!

  11. cr Says:

    I’m glad Marcus Temple was there but I think the real stop was made by Florida’s center. Tony Fein knocked him so far back in the backfield that the first contact Tebow had was with his own man. There was a brief hole, Tebow committed to it only to run up the back of his completely off balance center. Temple was then on the spot to complete the deal. Great effort all the way around but Fein blew it up.

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