FOOTBALL: Digging the screen pass

Ole Miss RB Cordera Eason can see the play becoming a bigger part of the Rebels’ offense. Here’s the text of an interview I had with him yesterday. Eason’s 18-yard screen pass tied the Florida game in the third quarter.

— PA

It was a screen play, we been working on since camp, sometimes we run it sometimes we don’t. Coach said he was really looking forward to running it this game.

Coach Austin called it at the right time against the right defense. Everything was perfect. Once I got it I just tried to do the best I could to get in the end zone.

(Looks like you hurdled a guy on the way to the end zone.)

I had to, as I ran to him, I saw he had already ducked down, so I knew I was going to go over the top. I wouldn’t be denied getting into the end zone, try to get in there and tie up the game so we could go on.

(Do you see the screen becoming a bigger part of what you guys do?)

The last screen we ran was against Wake, and it wasn’t really successful. As soon as I got it I got hit, but coach Nutt still has faith in it. He has faith in his plays. He called it in the right situation. I can see us running it a lot more. We have way more screens than we’ve run, that’s just one. I feel like he’ll do more of trying to get us involved with screens.

(What’s your take on the running back situation now?)

It’s always a blessing ot have backs who can come in and spell you, help you out. The combination of me and Brandon still has a long way to go. He’s just a freshman, will be real good back, try to teach him as much as I can now. Enrique coming in is a real big deal with the fresh legs. Kind of hard for us to get tired with the rotation we have.

I started off slow, still gotta get going, first couple games run game not working, as gone along run game picked up more and more, I’m learning the game more as a I keep going on, if I keep on doing what I’m doing, things will work out.


One Response to “FOOTBALL: Digging the screen pass”

  1. Jared Says:

    Cordera has a really good attitude. Glad to have players like him on the team…

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