I’ll be here for the next 30 minutes. Post a question, comment or observation, and let’s talk about the Rebels.

— PA


51 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Chat on”

  1. djrebel Says:

    Looks like freshman DB Marcus Temple, one week after his big hit against Tim Tebow, won’t play against South Carolina due to an ankle sprain. Nickle back will be Dustin Mouzon. Interesting. Another chance for Mouzon to get back on the field.

  2. djrebel Says:

    Another area to watch tomorrow is SC wide receiver Kenny McKinley. He had a nice touchdown catch at Vanderbilt before getting injured. His absence can affect any offense and his return could make Chris Smelley a better QB.

    Smelley will start, but I’d look for Garcia to play a lot

  3. RoastBeef1 Says:

    Is McKinley close to 100% though?

  4. djrebel Says:

    Beef, this is McKinley’s first game back. I think he’ll definitely play, though his dad told a friend of mind that he believed next week would be a better time for a come back. That doesn’t sound like he’ll play a whole lot, but you never know. I think the guy is really good and if he plays, he’ll be an asset.

  5. djrebel Says:

    In other news …

    For all the time Spurrier’s been in the SEC he’s only played Ole Miss twice, coached in Oxford just once, in 1994. He hasn’t been to Vaught since either of the expansions.

    Some folks Carolina way think this is a pretty big game for him, not that he’s about to get fired, but big in the sense of keeping the faith in his ability to win big with the Gamecocks.

  6. RoastBeef1 Says:

    Well if he’s not 100%, surely they’ll run a lot of press coverage and make him work for seperation but I haven’t really seen press coverage all season. Have the DB’s been working on that any?

  7. rebelnate Says:

    How much will Hardy play?

  8. djrebel Says:

    Nate, I figure Hardy will play a little more than he did last week. I didn’t get a play count on him from Gainesville, but I thought it was significantly more than the 11 plays he got against Vanderbilt. I’ve not seen or heard anything that indicates he’ll play less.

    — PA

  9. rebelnate Says:

    I am a little afraid of a let down after the huge win last week. But I hope not.

  10. djrebel Says:

    Beef, don’t know if they’ve worked on press coverage. We’re run out of practice before that part of it begins. I don’t think you’re going to see much of it. I don’t think Nix believes that’s a strong suit for him right now.

  11. djrebel Says:

    I have thought the same thing about the letdown. I’m sure lots of folks have. I know that kind of scenario is in Ole Miss’ past. My thinking is I’m not going to apply that assumption to this staff just yet. Houston won some big games at Arkansas but was prone to have a letdown too.

  12. rebelnate Says:

    Any word on the progression of OU Stadium?

  13. rebeltent Says:

    PA, is Fon Ingram not being mentioned still a result of punishment or is there something going on with him, (injuries, grades, etc.)?

  14. djrebel Says:

    Pete tells me the stadium will be able to be occupied for the first game. Still a little work going on but able to host baseball.

  15. RoastBeef1 Says:

    My opinion is that these players have been hearing about how this could be a letdown for so long, that they won’t let it happen. A little bit of reverse psychology I guess.

  16. djrebel Says:

    Maybe it will work out that way. I hope so. In August there were certain games in which I didn’t give the Rebels much chance. They weren’t perfect at Florida, but when they play like that, every game is on the table. I still think Alabama will be tough. Ole Miss doesn’t win there in the best of times, and the Tide looks pretty good right now.

  17. NashvilleRebel Says:

    DJ- How’s the atmosphere around Oxford??

    Do you think we’ll have a let down, especially since Spurrier’s back is up against the wall??

  18. djrebel Says:

    Tent, my guess is there just isn’t much difference between Fon and Terrell Jackson. The backup strong safety isn’t going to play too much behind Jamarca Sanford anyway. I don’t know that there is anything beyond the reported DUI.

  19. rebelnate Says:

    We have to beat Arkansas, MSU, and La Monroe and if we beat South Carolina tomorrow there is no reason we don’t win 7 possibly 8 games

  20. rebeltent Says:

    I think we will run a lot out of the Wild Rebel set, due to the ability to get around the edges. They have big LBs that are good at stuffing the middle up, but they seem to lack a little bit of speed. I also am looking foward to seeing some more creative blocking schemes with big ol Oher.

  21. rebelnate Says:

    Gonna be hard to run from the traditional set against SC and not to easy to throw on them. Snead may spend some time on the sideline tomorrow.

  22. djrebel Says:

    Tomorrow’s game is huge, no doubt. They have shown they have the talent to gear up, play well and win a big game. Now it’s about being consistent, doing the little things and successfully closing games week in and week out. It’s a different challenge.

  23. djrebel Says:

    Carolina has given up a few rushing yards. Maybe the Rebels can find the creases.

  24. rebelnate Says:

    What kind of sandwich you got today PA?

  25. djrebel Says:

    Another thing. Their best cover corner, Captain Munnerlyn, may not start the game as punishment for missing class, meetings, etc. I’d look for Ole Miss to take a few shots when he’s not in the game. It didn’t sound like he’d stay out too long.

  26. rebeltent Says:

    I agree with you nate, now even the Auburn game is looking much more promising. Between the way we have been playing and the way they have been plus it being in Oxford helps. We will probably see a much different Auburn by then since they abandoned the spread for the rest of the season, but I still like our chances.

  27. djrebel Says:

    Ha! Nate I’m going to struggle through to the end here, then grab something when I get back on my wife’s list of chores.

  28. djrebel Says:

    Auburn has looked like a team that could be had. See how the Tigers do in Nashville before passing too much judgment. I think they’re getting ready to shelve the spread and go back to more of a 2-back set. Also, look for their WR Mario Fannin to get into some Wild Rebel stuff.

  29. RoastBeef1 Says:

    Is there any chance really of Cordera not starting this year? It still seems like Bolden has consistently outplayed him but yet Cordera is still getting the starts. Is it a seniority thing?

  30. rebelnate Says:

    I hear ya. I will really be disappointed if we don’t finish 5-2 or 4-3 in the last 7 games

  31. djrebel Says:

    I think Houston likes two backs. I think he likes Cordera’s maturity, and I think you’ll see more of a Cordera on screen passes. I know he likes Cordera’s blocking, and blocking is probably why Enrique hasn’t played more. On sheer running the ball, Bolden has outplayed both of them.

  32. NashvilleRebel Says:

    do you think there is anyway we could Blow out SC??

    How bout our defense finally make a stand. Do you think it will be this weekend??/

  33. RoastBeef1 Says:

    When is the new basketball practice facility supposed to be done exactly?

  34. djrebel Says:

    New basketball facility is supposed to be finished in September of 2009.

  35. rebeltent Says:

    I think Nutt has the mindset of this team in the right places, no one really seems too concerned about who is starting and who is just getting PT. They all have seemed to have bought into this team concept and one heartbeat. The best example of this is on the DL, Hardy’s comments and Lockett’s. They all know they will be rewarded for doing what is asked of them.

  36. rebelnate Says:

    Thanks for the chat PA really enjoyed it.

  37. djrebel Says:

    That’s the feeling I get, Tent.

    Guys thanks for checking in. I’ll check the thread and will respond to questions and comments later.

    Hope everyone has a good football Friday night.

    — PA

  38. RoastBeef1 Says:

    Last question for me, why exactly are they putting a new roof on the Tad Pad? What was wrong with the old roof?

  39. djrebel Says:

    The old one has had several leaks that have usually just been patched up.

  40. rebeltent Says:

    Hoops is going to be real special this year and next!!

  41. RoastBeef1 Says:

    Personally I vote to tear the Tad Pad down and get some of these alumni to pay for a new arena. It’s more like the Sad Pad now.

  42. va reb Says:

    PA, missed the chat time but really enjoyed reading all the comments. Larry

  43. m4rebs Says:

    I see where there are folks talking about PPV; before you guys purchase, go to and see if your Internet Provider is a partner with ESPN.360 and you could take an S-video cable and hook it up to your TV for FREE. Good luck!

  44. bigdraws Says:

    All I can ever pick up on 360 is Big ten games and such. Nothing I ever want to watch.

  45. m4rebs Says:

    It shows that it will be on there tomorrow for the Ole Miss Game. I’ve watched Arkansas a couple of times this year on it. Are the SEC games on there and you can’t get them, or are you saying, all they play is Big Ten games?

  46. MB Says:

    Hey – speaking of PPV. ESPN Gameplan’s website shows that SC, MS, & TN markets will be subject to blackouts. Does anyone have any insight to this. I am under the impression that a blackout only applies if local tv networks carry the game and to my knowledge that will not be the case. Its either Gameplan or nothing. Thanks guys.

  47. bigdraws Says:

    We take a laptop to our tailgate for watching football. Never get any good games on it.

  48. Jeff Jolly Says:

    I am just across the state line in Alabama….west of Mobile. I will be able to get the game on ESPN gameplan. This has happened before. If I lived about 9 miles further west I would have to PPV.

  49. djrebel Says:

    Nashville, sorry I couldn’t get you out of moderation quicker. I don’t look for Ole Miss to win in a blowout. Georgia only scored 14 on these guys. As far as defense, so much hinges on the DL. They’re good up front, but those guys have to bring it every week. Pass coverage is still spotty. Even last week, more accurate throws by Tebow on first and second down — before Fein’s stop on third down — and the fourth-and-1 might never have come into play.

    Tent, I like the way things are shaping up for this basketball team. If one or two of those freshmen are athletic enough to quickly adjust to new surroundings, the way Chris Warren did last year, this team can be really good. I like the backcourt. I figure Huertas will play well from the beginning and not just the latter third of the year. All things considered, with Arkansas and MSU in transitional seasons, it’s a good time to feel like your team is on the upswing.

    Larry, thanks for checking in. Make sure to give us a read on the chat thread even if you can’t be here mid-day.

    — PA

  50. watchless Says:

    When did the 30 minutes start? Am I too late?

  51. paul kelly Says:

    dj is mouzon still in the dog house? i think for us to improve much in the secondary he has to be back there. the other 2 guys don’t seem to be getting the job done.

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