Ole Miss has gained 232 yards, surpassing South Carolina’s per game average allowed of 221.4.

Subtract Snead’s fumble and it’s 21-10, but you can’t do that.

Snead is having a very good game otherwise: 12-of-15, 154 yards, 1 TD, no picks.

Smelley is pretty good too. 7-for-15, 168 yards, 1 TD. Biggest thing he’s done is hit big plays on third downs.

Carolina has rushed 13 times for 29 yards, Ole Miss 22 times for 78 yards.

McCluster leads all rushers with 38 yards and a touchdown on seven carries. Eason has carried eight for 25. Bolden has carried three times for 5 yards but has the 24-yard touchdown catch.

— PA


One Response to “HALFTIME STATS”

  1. Jaxrebsteve Says:

    Hope the defense can buckle down in the second half and we can avoid giving away any more points on offense.

    The offense has more weapons than we have had in years.

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