SC receiver Kenny McKinley has been in the game a good bit but hasn’t caught a pass yet. It’s second down from the 12, and I’m looking at him in the slot.

Smelley was looking at him too, but Ashlee Palmer was looking at Smelley. Sack for an 8-yard loss.

Third and goal from the 20. Cover the tight end.

Time out South Carolina with 14:12 left in the quarter.

Ole Miss gained 148 yards in the first half. Carolina’s No. 1-ranked defense is giving up 224.1 yards per game.

Smelley passes to Barnes on a slant for a 20-yard touchdown. Barnes got behind Marshay Green. I guess you need to cover Barnes too.

Drive covers 71 yards in six plays, 2:36 off the clock. SC twice converted third-and-long.

Ole Miss 14, SC 10

Gamecocks got off some nice runs early but victimized Ole Miss’ secondary on the drive.

Snead gets some pressure, steps up in the pocket, gets hit and fumbled. Tackle Nathan Pepper recovers and runs to the end zone.

Turnovers will be the difference.

Kicks is good, South Carolina 17, Ole Miss 14, 13:07 left in the first half.

The fumble and touchdown were reviewed, but the ruling on the field was upheld.

I made mention of defensive adjustments earlier, and I think South Carolina will make some. The Rebels need to make some of their own if Tyrone Nix can do something to aid the pass coverage.

Wallace bobbles the kick at the goalline and gets only to the 14 where the Rebels begin.

Rebels face third-and-4 from the 21. Bolden grabs a short pass but is short.

First punt of the game has Rob Park at this 10.

Looks like South Carolina adjusted defensively. Will the Rebels?

Gamecocks with a first down at their 37.

SC calls time out to avoid a delay penalty. After an 11-yard run, they’ve got second down from their 48 with 10:41 left in the half.

Gamecocks face third-and-2 from Ole Miss 44. Pass incomplete too high for open Cook.

SC lining up for a punt. It is shanked and Ole Miss takes over at its 35. A 9-yard punt.

Snead has hit eight of his first nine passes, but his fumble has the Gamecocks ahead.

Carolina is playing the Wild Rebel much better now, but Snead just hit Hodge for a 24-yard gain to the SC 41 on third-and-10.

Rebels face third-and-7 from the 38 after a fade to Andrew Harris is incomplete. Harris was open. Snead was rushed and threw a tad long.

It’s third-and-12 after delay of game.

McCluster’s catch between two defenders goes for 17.

Rebels call third time out as the 40-second clock gets down to 4. Time out with 6:06 left in the half and the Rebels at the SC 24 with second-and-8.

Snead rolls right, looks right, throws back left to wide open Bolden for a 24-yard touchdown. Kick good. Rebels lead 21-17, 5:58 left. Drive covered 65 yards in eight plays and consumed 3:43.

Snead gave a long look to Breaux down the right side, the first option. Bolden was the third receiver.

Gamecocks start at the 27 and Smelley immediately passes to the Ole Miss 41 to Brown, a 32-yard gain.

Bubble screen to Brown goes for 21.

Smelley’s having a great day against the Ole Miss secondary. We may not see Garcia, their redshirt freshman who it looked like might start the game.

Third-and-10 from the 20 after Allen Walker makes a nice play to break up a pass.

Time out SC with 4:46 left.

The Rebels have made South Carolina look like Florida was supposed to look last week.

Smelley, pressured, gets back to the line. Palmer is credited for the tackle, but Smelley was pushed down by one of his linemen in one of the funnier plays I’ve seen this year.

Succop is wide right from 38.

It wasn’t pretty, but it was a stop for the Ole Miss defense.

Rebels take over at the 21.

Snead sacked as Norwood comes in untouched. Rebels had gained a first down but lose seven. They’re at the 25 with second down.

Rebels face third-and-13 from the 29. Incomplete. Pass was too short for the first anyway.

Park punts 50, got to be a career best, plus holding on the Gamecocks, who have the ball at the 11 with 1:24 left, no timeouts.

Think it will be easy to get to halftime with a lead? Maybe so. SC runs it up the middle.

Ole Miss 21, South Carolina 17


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