Gamecocks are working the edges and using short passes to move down the field after taking the ball at the 21.

Third-and-5 from the 50. … Delay. Minus 5. Pass incomplete. Barnes makes first-down catch out of bounds.

Gamecocks line up in punt formation, but before the ball is snapped play is stopped for a review. We only get one replay, and it looked like Barnes trapped the ball against his leg and did not control if before stepping out of bounds. We’ll see if the officials agree.

They do not. First down Gamecocks at the Ole Miss 45. Another long third down converted by Smelley.

Third-and-1 from the 36. Smelley sneaks over left guard for the first.

This guy is going to have average numbers at the end of the day, but he’s about to give his team the lead if this keeps going.

Well, this just stopped

Smelley throws the ball into the arms of Ole Miss linebacker Lamar Brumfield.

Hold on, there’s discussion by officials at the 28. I reckon everything’s OK.

Carolina just ran 10 plays. They got two big breaks on that drive, one the play reversal, but also, a personal foul on the opening kick against Ole Miss’ Terrell Jackson gave South Carolina the ball at the 21 instead of back at the 9.

Short pass to McCluster on second down, he reverses field and goes 34 yards.

First down at the SEC 36.

Rebels at the 18 after pass interference against SC.

Third-and-8 from the 16. Norwood just put a big rush on Snead who threw incomplete.

First down pass to McCluster who is hit and fumbles at the 6. Ball is returned to the Ole Miss 39.

Third-and-1 from the 21 … Davis left for 1 yard.

Third-and-4 from the 14…. Gamecocks gain 3 ½ with a short pass.

They’re going for it on fourth-and-less than 1, but the Rebels have 12 men on the field and call time out.

South Carolina, down 4, is at the Ole Miss 10 with fourth-and-inches and 2:52 left in the third.

Smelley sneaks left for first.

Gamecocks first-and-goal at the 9.

Fade to Barnes for TD. Green covering, or trying to. 24-21 Gamecocks with 1:51 left in the third.

Folks, the drives are not easy for South Carolina, but they’re getting it done on third down.

That’s a 14-point swing when you fumble inside the 6, and the other guys score off the turnover.

This one’s looking more and more like the Vanderbilt game.

Rebels start at their 24.

Three straight runs by Bolden, and Rebels are at the SC 49 with a first down.

South Carolina 24, Ole Miss 21


5 Responses to “THIRD QUARTER”

  1. Raleighrebel Says:

    Still predicting a win for the Rebels, but this isn’t the Ole Miss defense we saw last week.

  2. JB Says:

    Where is everone?

  3. Flareb Says:

    Ah yes…………….the ups and downs of OM football. Pardon the pun but you could smelley this one from a long way away.

  4. Flareb Says:

    McCluster is dynamic but he has cost us two games……..with critical fumbles. Might need to send a message.

  5. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    So! it must be over and no say so!

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