FOOTBALL: Print edition coverage

Here’s what Ole Miss’ 31-24 loss to South Carolina looked like from the press box.

— PA


11 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Print edition coverage”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Looks like the Rebels have their work cut out for themselves this week. Working on game problems that have cost them a couple of games so far this season.

  2. rebelfan38652 Says:

    the ups and downs of being a rebel

  3. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Rebs good. Just have to work out the trouble spots. May take a little time. The potential is here and more in the coming, just be patient.

  4. VA Reb Says:

    Another tough loss that should have been a win. Our secondary isn’t good enough to win unless the defensive line and linebackers really get after the QB. That’s going to be a pretty rough assignment against the Tide.

    But, the good news…at least we’re competing and have had the opportunity to win all so far…turning it over in the SEC, though, usually results in another L in the won/loss column.

  5. bornarebel Says:

    I was at your old stomping grounds this weekend. My sister got married at New Prospect in Yocona this weekend. I right there in Oxford and had to miss the game. It all worked out though. I would have hated to sit there and watch us give away another game.

  6. Jeff Jolly Says:

    I watched the game on TV and have two observations.

    Jevan Snead has to learn not to lock in on one receiver. I knew where he was going to throw the ball on the last interception. He watched the receiver from the snap. If he can learn to look at other receivers and not lock on to one, he’ll have a great future.

    We need defensive backs. That should be a priority in recruiting.

  7. djrebel Says:

    Jevan does lock in from time to time, and he did on that throw. The DB just baited him, I thought. He say a step or two back and broke up fast when the throw was made.

    — PA

  8. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    Just like the Vandy Pick-6, that was a pretty qiuck throw that was designed to go a certain way. At least it looked like that from the stands. It looked like both WR were running curl routes just beyond the 1st down marker. Maybe Snead had to determine at the line who was gonna be open and just hope he was right. It was a good play by the CB – not nessecarily a terrible decision by snead. Hindsight is 20-20 remember.

    My evaluation of the game is that both teams were very evenly matched up. They won because of three plays. All were bad for Ole Miss. Snead was scrambling with the ball in one hand and the defender came from behind to knock it out twice. McCluster had played an amazing game up until that fumble. The sky is the limit for that kid if he can stop the hickups.

    Even with our mistakes, We had a chance to send it to over-time until the game sealing INT. Honestly, I’m not really upset about that one. Those things happen. Like I said earlier, it wasn’t a bad throw.

    I agree with Nutt about the reviewing. Its getting a little out of control. PA, are other coaches complaning too?

  9. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    We also have to find a way to pass out of that wild rebel formation. I think everyone in the stadium knew by the 2nd half where the ball was going when snead wasn’t under Center.

  10. djrebel Says:

    If they can pass from the Wild Rebel that will add another dimension to it. Not sure how they feel about Dexter’s judgment, though. As it stands, it’s still a good thing. He’s small behind the big linemen and not easy to see. Even if the other team knows what’s coming, if the line block a little bit, he can squirt through.

    Not sure what other coaches are saying about replay and flow of the game, but I figure that will be discussed more.

    — PA

  11. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    bornarebel, Yep, the Church across the hwy from the old HI school. The agri/home econ build is now the community center. My wife and I got married just up the hwy old 6 by the Pastor in the parsonage. Yes, Birdz and Draws, there was electric systems and some indoor toilet facilities out there in those days. I am glad that that football game was not tved to our area. The Rebels have a good team, but they must stop shooting themselves in the foot. They should be 6-0. Another real test coming up. I feel that they can beat the Tide, if they play as they did against the Gators.

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