FOOTBALL: Updated SEC rankings

Team (Pvs): Comment
1. Alabama (1): Is Kentucky that close to the No. 2 team in the nation, or did the Tide skate by?
2. LSU (2): Tigers have had two weeks to get ready for trip to Gainesville.
3. Georgia (3): Chance to redeem humbling Alabama performance Saturday against Tennessee.
4. Florida (4): A week after Ole Miss loss, it took the Gators a while to get past Arkansas.
5. Vanderbilt (5): A charmed season for the Commodores?
6. Kentucky (7): Cats had a shot in Tuscaloosa.
7. South Carolina (10): Gamecocks, as have others, took advantage of Ole Miss turnovers.
8. Ole Miss (6): Nice offensive performance as long as they held the ball.
9. Auburn (7): Reckon the Iron Bowl streak is in jeopardy this year?
10.  Tennessee (9): Do you celebrate a 13-9 win over Northern Illinois?
11. MSU (11): Watch the Bulldogs’ run game against Vanderbilt.
12. Arkansas (12): Not so hard for Arkansas to be humble this year.

— PA


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