FOOTBALL: Keeping the faith

In spite of disappointing home losses to Vanderbilt and South Carolina, goals are still on the table for Ole Miss.

I think the Rebels are a little ahead of schedule in terms of cohesiveness. They see how they’ve played, where they could be, and that’s what makes the losses so disappointing.

There are two important things on the docket for Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt right now. The first, obviously, is to reduce the turnovers. I had an opinion piece on this in today’s print edition.

The second, is to keep his players up. That’s been billed as Nutt’s strength through the years. I had a feature on this earlier in the week, but it didn’t make the web. Link got lost somewhere, I reckon.

Anyway, senior fullback Jason Cook had a nice perspective on this.

Cook always has nice perspective. He’s intelligent, engaging and one of the team’s best interviews.

Nutt says overcoming the losing mentality has been more difficult than he imagined it would be.

Cook, however, doesn’t believe this is a team that’s about to lose faith in itself, largely because of Nutt’s motivational skills.

Here’s Cook:
“It starts with the way he treats us. He treats us like men, which is different from the way we’ve been treated before. When you treat somebody the right way and genuinely care about them it’s not hard to get guys motivated to play for you.

Every team in America gets down a little bit when there’s a spot in the game when something doesn’t go right. There are a lot of young guys on the team, now is that the reason, I don’t think so. We definitely have a lot of growing to do where that is concerned, but I’ll tell you it’s completely different from what it has been in the past.

He looks to the leadership, to us, the seniors and starters, to be the catalyst for a response to keep the guys up. That’s tough. We’re like ‘Oh crap,’ too, but as great a coach as he is, he’s just one man. He can only do so much. That’s where it falls on our shoulders.”

— PA


2 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Keeping the faith”

  1. VA Reb Says:

    I believe Kyle has it figured out. I think you should forward the article to Coach Nutt!

  2. rebnutt Says:

    Your son has it pegged. The reality, too, is that Dexter is a small guy in a game of big, strong dudes and he may not be able to defy the laws of physics when the right guy makes the right hit on him. I would not run him up the middle inside the 10.

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