FOOTBALL: Back in town, today’s agenda

Got back from Atlanta Sunday afternoon and getting back in the Groove today.

So are the Rebels after an open date week.

From the news always happens when I’m out of town department, I was standing in line for the Ninja when my Mississippi State nephew called to ask if the Greg Hardy rumor was true. He was hopeful. That was the first I heard of the rumor that Hardy had been voted off the team.

Sounds like it wasn’t true, but you never know with Hardy.

Maybe Hardy can make it to the end of the season. That’s six more games and a seventh if the Rebels can find three wins in the six.

From what I hear Hardy has let it be known he’ll enter the draft.

The Rebels practiced yesterday, a bit of a different, more physical Sunday practice after a couple of days off on Friday and Saturday.

The regular game-week schedule is back. Houston Nutt’s presser is at 2 p.m. I’ve requested the interior offensive linemen — center Daverin Geralds and guards Darryl Harris and Maurice Miller — to discuss the challenge of blocking Alabama nose tackle Terrence Cody. I have also requested Peria Jerry and Jevan Snead.

I’ll have updates as the day moves on.

— PA


13 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Back in town, today’s agenda”

  1. donttouchatwire Says:

    it is my opinion that he is a, well i’ll save the name calling, if he enters the draft. He is not going to be ready playing 10-15 snaps a game for 8 games.

  2. djrebel Says:

    He just isn’t a team guy. At least that’s the side we see of Greg Hardy. He’ll be better off in the NFL where the team game isn’t emphasized. He has the tools. He’ll succeed.

    — PA

  3. Justin Dill Says:

    Is it true that, during interviews with you guys, he doesn’t even bother to take off his headphones and just nods the same way at any question you ask?

  4. djrebel Says:

    I haven’t had that experience with Greg, and I don’t recall seeing it.

    Greg does respond in a way that lets you know he’s different, and there’s no doubting that he fully believes that his way is the right way.

    — PA

  5. farley662 Says:

    That’s such a shame. Hardy is easily the best player you guys have. For your sake, I wish he’d get his head on straight at least for this weekend. I detest Bama.

  6. farley662 Says:

    Did you ride the Superman coaster PA? If so, how was it?

  7. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Great avatar, Farley, how is the little guy doing?

  8. djrebel Says:

    Didn’t get to Superman or Goliath, and I was sad about that. I rode a lot of medium stuff with Kyle, and the times I could break away, the lines were too long. I was in line for Superman when they stopped it for maintenance.

  9. farley662 Says:

    That sucks PA. I’ve been wanting to get over there to ride the Superman since it opened. I’m a huge Superman geek. My bathroom at home is Superman stuff. The shower curtain is a huge Superman shield.

    He’s doing good JB. Took him to his first game this weekend. He seemed to have fun. Enjoyed the band and all the people. I fully understand why other fans hate cowbells now. Everytime he’d go to sleep, someone would ring a bell in his ear. Was ready to kill my brother inlaw beside me. I had to finally threaten him with putting a cowbell somewhere it wouldn’t normally go for him to ring it with the opposite hand. Gonna bring him to an OM game before the year is out and see how he does there. All in all, it was a very good experience I’ll never forget

  10. bigdraws Says:

    “I’m a huge Superman geek.”

    And a huge geek in general.

  11. farley662 Says:

    Thanks draws.

  12. djrebel Says:

    Farley, glad things are going well for you guys. Kyle was really young when I took him to an MSU game. I’ve never had a problem with the bells, but he did.

    The Superman coaster looked very impressive. I’ll make it back over there sometime and make that a priority.

    — PA

  13. paul kelly Says:

    it only takes one bad apple. if hardy doesn’t care enough about his team and team mates to give his all every snap then he is more of a disruption than a help. and if they do dissmiss him from the team i say good redience. if he makes it to the nfl, he will discover that everyone is good and when you are getting paid to play they want put up with this kind of stuff.

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