FOOTBALL: Teleconference tid-bits

Alabama coach Nick Saban on Ole Miss …
Our team is healthy. We practiced well last week. We have a very challenging game against a team that could be 6-0 very easily. They’ve lost three games all by less than seven points.

They’ve been very competitive on offense and defense, and they have some very talented players on special teams.

Houston Nutt is always one of those guys that makes it difficult to prepare for all the things they can do and will do.

This is a challenging game for us, and our players need to bring their A game. That will be critical for us in being successful.

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt on several of his players …

On Dexter McCluster and Wild Rebel
I saw in the spring throwing and catching the ball in pre-practice. He was one of the first guys I talked to about playing quarterback before, and he had. That tells you immediately he has ball-handling skills and decision-making instincts that you need.

We put him in there quick in the spring. It happened fast for him. It was natural for him.

Between he and Brandon Bolden we have two guys who can run that.

On Greg Hardy
He’s a big-time difference maker. People will try to put four hands on him when he has that A game and is playing with the intensity and passion we need him to play with. That’s the key. We just didn’t feel like he was doing that after the Florida game, and he wasn’t the only one.

That was our first win in 700 days in the SEC. I was concerned about our mindset going into the next game. We started out well, but we didn’t finish.

— PA


2 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Teleconference tid-bits”

  1. VA Reb Says:

    You know, it’s great to see Coach Nutt talking so openly about so many topics after not getting much of anything substantial from Ed over the years. Coach Nutt is great at getting players up for big games…I think he’ll do the same this week. Looking forward to the next big SEC upset win.

  2. jr85reb Says:

    I agree, and after talking with some of the players, they feel like they can win and compete every weekend.

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