Joe Namath is here and is the Tide’s honorary captain. Didn’t see an honorary captain for the Rebels.

I guess it’s Hardy’s week to play. Gets a sack on the first series, and Bama punts. Interesting play on the punt. Rebels had no one deep because Green saw that a wideout was uncovered. He ran up to cover.

Rebels go three and out and punt. McCluster dropped for 1-yard loss on end around on first play.

Good coverage on the punt to Arenas, who burned the Rebels in Oxford last year.

Bama gets across the 50, but a TFL by Lockett and good pressure aid in two incomplete passes. Tide punts.

Rebels at their 20.

Right now Wilson isn’t having much time to throw, and Alabama isn’t trying to run straight ahead too much.

Enrique Davis is in, the second back. Somebody posted and asked about this rumor during the week.

Snead to Hodge for a first, then Enrique hits left tackle, then bounces left for 62 yards to the 8.

Wild Rebel loses 4, plus a false start. On second-and-goal from the 17, Snead gets pressure and throws it away.

Third-and-goal. This is where Smeley burned Ole Miss last week. Snead to Summers to the 8.

The catch is under review. Surprised Davis’ long run was not reviewed, because he fumbled at the end of it. I don’t have a good angle on replays from my seat.

Shene from 25 is good. Rebels lead 3-0 with 5:25 left in the first.

Seven plays, 72 yards, 3:23.

Wilson to Maze for 25. Green had his back to the ball. Tide at the Ole Miss 48. Coffee nice gain on a draw with pressure from the midde.

Green called for holding. Bama at the 26.

They’re liking that matchup against Green today. Wilson to Maze on a fade. He’s got a step on Green for the touchdown. Play covers 26 yards.

Kick is good.

Alabama 7, Ole Miss 3

Tide kicks off from the 25 after Jones is called for unsportsmanlike conduct on the touchdown.

Tide drive: 1:15, 73 yards, 4 plays.

Rebels from the 37.

Eason takes a shot at left tackle, plus 2. Short pass to Cook plus 1. Going to Dexter for the first but it’s broken up.

Rob Park is having a nice day punting. That one was for 45.

Bama back at its 15.

Tide gets two nice runs against the No. 2 DL and the starters come back in. Tide faces third-and-1 at the 35 as quarter ends.

Alabama 6 first downs, 114 yards, Ole Miss 2 first downs 85 yards.

Alabama 7, Ole Miss 3


One Response to “FIRST QUARTER”

  1. L2 Says:

    I know there are a multitude of things going wrong right now. Snead (horrible), Dfense (stopping no one).
    But is there any way to know why we run the ball on 1st down EVERY SINGLE TIME? I know one answer is that Snead can’t throw it to our guys nor hang on to the ball!
    And is there a reason why our dbacks never turn around to look for the ball?

    Still hoping for a turnaround – but BLOWOUT is coming!

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