On third-and-1 from its 35, Alabama passes incomplete. Respect for the Ole Miss run defense.

Rebels called for bock in the back on the punt return, and they’re back inside the 10 to start. Call it the 8.

Rebels move it to the 23 but on third-and-10 a linebacker blitz comes from Snead’s left side and nails him. He fumbles, but Darryl Harris recovers.

Park punts to the Bama 40.

Tide converts and third-and-7 when Wilson rolls out of pocket to the right and hits the tight end.

Bama’s gotten a couple of runs off tackle and is now getting a few yards at the middle.

On third-and-1 from the 8 Coffee goes to the 5 off right guard. Coffee 25 rushing yards in the last four plays.

Ingram plus 3 to the 2.

Ingram off left guard for the points behind nose tackle Terrence Cody, who was lined up in the backfield. Alabama 14-3 with 6:34 left.

11 plays, 60 yards, 5:11.

Rebels at their 33

On first down Oxford native Justin Woodall steps right in front of the Ole Miss receiver, I missed who that was, and makes the interception, his fourth of the year.

Tide at the Ole Miss 32.

The Alabama OL is not necessarily dominating right now but is holding up the Rebels enough and creating enough lanes for the backs to get something done.

That being said, Tide throws incomplete on third-and-2 looking for the tight end.

Leigh Tiffin’s 41-yard field goal is good. It’s 17-3 with 4:45 left in the half.

Maybe that’s Snead’s standard one pick of the game. There’s at least one.

Rebels at their 30.

Davis plus 3. Rebels can’t run, and if you can’t run at all that just makes everything else harder. Can’t get anything out of the Wild Rebel either. They’ve run it twice for a total of minus-4 yards.

Here’s the third Wild Rebel play. No lost rushing yards here. Dexter throws a wobbly deep pass. Looks like a pop-up. It’s picked by safety Rashad Johnson who returns to the 25, where Bama may be about to throw a knockout punch.

Tide at the 31 after a penalty.

Wilson throws 30 yards to Mike McCoy on a flea flicker. Vaughn and Lewis had decent position but the ball was thrown perfectly.

It’s 24-3 with 10 points coming as a fast, direct result of turnovers.

On second down from the 34 Eason gets about 5 yards on a delayed handoff. Might be longest run of the day other than the Enrique burst.

Dexter can’t get to the corner on third down.

Park punts 49 yards to the 9.

This doesn’t strike me as the Ole Miss teams of old necessarily. This is a superior run defense for Alabama, and the Rebels are frustrated offensively.

The problem is compounded by the fact that this Ole Miss team of “new” still can’t protect the football, and it’s still the same two players.

Ole Miss 3 first downs, 66 net yards rushing, most of that on one carry.

HALFTIME: Alabama 24, Ole Miss 3


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