FOOTBALL: More thoughts, Today’s Agenda

With Alabama pinning its ears back and rushing hard on every play on Ole Miss’ last drive, Jevan Snead kept things going a while with his pocket awareness and escapability. Snead really had a good game with his feet. One of his most interesting plays was on the Dexter McCluster fumble when it looked like Snead was shot from a cannon when he fired downfield to make the tackle. Looked like he was releasing some frustration. …

As far as McCluster’s fumble, someone posted here a while back and wondered if it isn’t a matter of sheer physics, the much bigger opposing player hitting the much smaller McCluster and his inability to hang on. I’ve heard that theory a little more since the weekend too. That’s a thought with some merit, but I don’t think that’s it. Because of angles, speed and other things, the small guy doesn’t always take the full force of impact. Small guys have played this game before and held on. This is a personal demon that McCluster will have to deal with it, and it looks like he’ll play through his mistakes on the field. Maybe he can begin to find the end zone a few times, and the reward will begin to outweigh the risk. …

The Monday presser begins at 2. It’s Houston Nutt goes home week with the Rebels at Arkansas Saturday night at 6.

— PA


3 Responses to “FOOTBALL: More thoughts, Today’s Agenda”

  1. Jeff Jolly Says:

    I watched the replay several times. McCluster does not lock up the ball with both hands when he’s in traffic. He had the ball between his hand and elbow when contact was made. If he had had both hands on the ball and locked to his chest, he would not have fumbled. I watched a freshman catch a pass later and when he was about to have contact he locked up the ball with both arms. McCluster has got to learn to do this.

  2. djrebel Says:

    Jeff, having not seen the replay, that would have been my guess. I did see a good replay of the Vanderbilt fumble, and that was clearly a case of the linebacker going straight at the ball.

    Here’s another concern. With Dexter now having a fumble reputation, defenders will try harder to strip and knock the ball from him.

    — PA

  3. 03Rebel Says:

    different topic, but noticed the Auburn game on Nov 1 will be picked up by Raycom and start at 11:30. Auburn will have an extra 2 days to prepare. Hope Arkansas’ and Auburn’s offenses continue to struggle for next 2 games.

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