FOOTBALL: More practice notes

Tight end David Traxler (back) could be out for a “pretty good while,” Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said. Don’t know what that translates to for days on a calendars, but Nutt said Traxler’s back is in “pretty bad shape.”

Reggie Hicks is next up on the depth chart when the Rebels go with two tight ends. Traxler has been used exclusively as a blocker.

Guard Darryl Harris could play in Saturday night’s game at Arkansas, though he hasn’t practiced this week. Training staff has sent off for a brace from California that Harris will wear to protect torn ligaments. “He can bend, but I’m worried about him locking out,” Nutt said.

The Rebels did not practice in full gear Tuesday partly because fo the physical nature of the Alabama game but also because the conditioning level is what he wants for this time of year. The team will continue to practice in shorts and shoulder pads unless Nutt determines the focus level isn’t what he wants.

— PA


5 Responses to “FOOTBALL: More practice notes”

  1. m4rebs Says:

    Hey OxfordReb, think it’s time for a change in scene on the background yet? Maybe taking Dex off the face of the web-site will change his luck with his ball-handling skills. How bout Jevan and Peria??? Or Oher and Peria – honoring the seniors or something???? Just a thought.

  2. m4rebs Says:

    I listened to the SEC Coaches Media conference and there were about 5 Arkansas media members that had questions for Coach Nutt today. Let’s just say his answers left those asking the questions, and everyone listening felling really awkward. For instance, when asked “Do you plan on doing anything in Arkansas other than the football game during your visit?” a quick and short “No” was all the poor fellow got in response – then cherp-cherp-cherp – awkward moment, for-real. Another guy from Seattle, WA asked him if it was strange that people in Arkansas would request his phone records through such an ordeal and how passionate SEC fans must be, to which Coach Nutt said, “Yes, that is a strange thing to do.” Awkward….
    The most arrogant and rude was Fat Phil by far. First off, he has a 7 minute time-slot to be on via conference call, and he was 5 minutes late. Then the mediator tried to tell him good luck and have a nice rest of the week in which Fat Phil SLAMMED the phone down to cut the guy off. I’d think you’d want to be as nice to as many people as possible when you are about to be looking for a job, wouldn’t you?

  3. djrebel Says:

    I thought Phil got out of there pretty quick too.

    — PA

  4. paul kelly Says:

    fat phil is finally geting his just deserts for putting the knife in johnny major’s back. couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. wait a minute maybe it will happen to that snake tubberville as well. man that would be icing on the cake.

  5. PBeez Says:

    Tubberville and Auburn deserve each other. Who is the more low down, conniving, back stabbing between the two? I don’t think there is a difference. I’ve got to say, I am enjoying their misery.

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