HOOPS: Missing the Rebels

I’m here, but the Rebels are not. Andy Kennedy, Renee Ladner and their players were scheduled for the 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. block here at the Birmingham Marriott off US 280.

However …

A mechanical failure on the six-seat charter plane made it unable to leave the Oxford airport. The Ole Miss teams will not be attending SEC Media Days. The conference is trying to schedule a conference call.

I’ll keep you posted.

— PA


5 Responses to “HOOPS: Missing the Rebels”

  1. farley662 Says:

    I’m thinking this could have happened to State several times this year in football. They just never showed up.

  2. Stuck in Bham Says:

    PA, are you having Blue Moon while your here?

  3. djrebel Says:

    Went to Full Moon last night. It is a regular stop. I’m about to finish up at the Marriott on 280 right now and get on the road.

    — PA

  4. farley662 Says:

    Have a safe trip PA.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Thanks Farley. How are things with Aedan and the family?

    — PA

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