FOOTBALL: In the room in Fayetteville

… Or suburban Fayetteville at least. I’m about 20 minutes north in the Rogers-Bentonville orbit.

From Little Rock on the radio guys were all about Houston Nutt. One fellow welcomed this game with great enthusiasm saying when it was past everything could just “be about football again.”

The game is a sellout, and while tickets generally change hands a good deal on Fridays, according to the talk show host, people seem to be holding on to them this week. They’re expecting a raucous crowd, and if Arkansas wins the atmosphere at Razorback Stadium will surpass anythiing the stadium has ever seen, sayeth the host.

There were nothing in the way of venomous speech toward Nutt, not even from the callers, at least among the afternoon shows. One caller did entertain with about 5-6 minutes of his best Nutt imitation. Egged on by the host, he had the sayings down, but the voice was lacking.

The school’s administration is trying to work out a way to ask its fans not to boo Nutt. That’s kind of difficult, I think, since it’s common at every SEC stadium to boo the opposing team. Maybe the statement needs to encourage fans boo politely or not boo in an overzealous manner.

Maybe it should encourage fans to keep their clothes on. Nothing could top the streaker that was here for the 2002 game.

The Arkansas basketball team has its Red-White scrimmage tonight, but I may pass on that and just hunker down to recuperate from a busy week.

— PA


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