Big play off the bat. Dick audibles and pitches to Smith at the right end for 23.

Hogs face third-and-7 from their 49. Dick scrambles out of pocket and throws incomplete.

Fourth-and-7. Punt rolls out at the 9. So the Hogs don’t score on the big play, but they change field position.

Eason starts at tailback and goes over left guard for 7.

False start against Oher wipes out 5 of that 7.

Incomplete and Rebels face third-and-8. Complete to diving Hodge for 15.

On third-and-6 from the 30 after an inocomplete pass to Gerald Harris, Breaux makes a catch at the 38.

On first down Wallace gets a step on the defender but the pass is short. Third time that plays been there but hasn’t been executed.

Rebels face third-and-1 from the 47 after 9 yards from Eason. Jason Cook at right guard gets 1 yard. Petrino is complaining but doesn’t challenge the spot.

Eason at the middle gets 6 to the Arkansas 46.

Looks like they wan to loosen the middle with Dex outside then try the inside.

Eason for 1 and third-and-3 from the 45. McCluster with a pitch runs to the 30, but Hodge is called for holding at the 40. The result is third-and-13 from the Ole Miss 46. Incomplete to Hodge over the middle.

Punt is 40 yards, and Arkansas has a first down at its 14, 7:07 left in the third.

Smith carries for no gain, and an Arkansas player is down on the field. Time out at 6:53. Lineman Grant Cook walks off slowly.

Hogs face third-and-11 after Vaughn trips up Smith on a screen. Rebels rush only 4, but Dick finds DJ Williams open in the middle. Plus 18.

Second-and-6 now.

Still no Hardy. He’s on the sideline.

Pitch to Smith for 5, third-and-1 from the 40.

Time out Arkansas with 4:24 on the clock.

Dick’s play-action pass is incomplete. Receiver had a step on Green, but the pass was a hair long, catchable perhaps.

Rebels at their 29.

Rebels try another first down pass incomplete. Looked like Hodge didn’t finish the route or Snead was confused.

Third-and-10 after Dex tripped up. The play broke down when Oher was pushed into the backfield.

There’s the Snead pick. Maybe that’s it for the game.

Rashad Johnson picks it off at the Arkansas 38. Snead was throwing to Wallace but the throw was way long.

Hogs at the 50 with 3:12 on the clock.

Adams on a reverse loses seven. Green on the tackle.

Pass is incomplete, but the first holding call of the night against Arkansas is declined.

Hogs face third-and-17 from their 42. Let’s see if the Rebels can overcome one of their gift-wraps.

Yes they can. Temple comes on a blitz and misses a sack, but Dick throws incomplete out of the pocket.

Punt 54 yards. Green fields it at 4 and runs to 19 through traffic.

Eason at middle for 11.

Eason left side for 3. An Arkansas player is down. End Adrian Davis is helped off the field.

Second-and-7. Dex left side plus six.

Third-and-1. Eason left side plus 4.

Dex at middle, cuts left, plus 9 where the Rebels will face second-and-1 from the Arkansas 48.

Attendance has been announced at 74, 168, fifth-largest.

Ole Miss 13, Arkansas 7


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