Rebels deep on first play incomplete. Starting tailback is Dexter McCluster.

Snead holds the ball a long time and is sacked on third down.

Rebels go three-and-out, and Arkansas starts at its 34 after Rob Park’s punt of 45 yards. The non-drive included a 5-yard penalty for an illegal shift on second down. McCluster gained 5 on the play.

Michael Smith in the game for Arkansas.

Casey Dick to tight end DJ Williams for 48 yards to the Ole Miss 18. Williams ran over Kendrick Lewis along the way.

Looks like Lawon Scott is starting in place of Ted Laurent. Laurent isn’t injured, unless it happened late in the week.

Dick has just been called for intentional grounding.

Hogs face third-and-21 from their 29. It’s a screen pass to Smith. It was set up very well and Cassius Vaughn made a touchdown-saving tackle. Plus 12 on the play.

A 34-yard field goal attempt is weak and wide right. Rebels don’t give up the points after giving up a big play.

Ole Miss takes over at its 20 with 10:10 left.

If McCluster is at tailback will there be someone else at Wild Rebel? We’ll know shortly.

Dex plus 16 on a toss sweep left.

Now McCluster out, Eason in.

Eason gains 1 yard, then Snead to Wallace over the middle for 25 to the Hogs 38.

Dexter loses 1, but Hogs off-sides.

On second-and-5 Enrique Davis goes 6.

Snead holds the ball a long time and takes a sack. Protection was good. Nobody came open, he reversed field and didn’t throw it away. Minus 8.

Snead scrambles for 13 and on third-and-5 he gains nothing on a called quarterback draw.

Shene from 39 is good.

Ole Miss 3, Arkansas 0, 5:23 left in the first.

Ole Miss goes 58 in nine plays in 4:47. Receivers struggled to get open and Snead showed an unhealthy willingness to hold on to the ball. Two sacks for the Hogs in the game.

The game is a sellout, but the place isn’t completely full. Plenty of high bleacher seats going unused.

Rebels to kick.

Dick audibles and Smith runs 26 yards off the right side. Hogs at the 47.

Delay, minus 5.

Incomplete pass goes through the hands of Ole Miss corner Marshay Green.

Hogs face third-and-7 from the 50. Rebels not getting a lot of pressure on Dick.

Until now. Peria Jerry’s in his face, and he throws incomplete. Dick hits the turf.

Punt to end zone, Rebels at the 20, 3:28 on the clock.

Two Arkansas drives, and they’ve changed field position each time with a big play.

They’re staying with Dexter at tailback, and he loses 1 one on a first down try at the middle.

Pass to Hodge gains 10. Third-and-1.

Bolden gains 3.

Time out Ole Miss. No apparent reason.

Reid Neely is starting in place of Darryl Harris tonight.

Snead goes deep for Wallace for second time and misses again. He was covered pretty good.

John Jerry is beaten by Sheppard, who drops Davis for a loss. Third-and-11.

Wallace makes a first-down catch but out of bounds. He was open and the throw was off.

Rob Park was hit on the punt, but no flag.

Arkansas at the 30 with 1:04 left in the first.

Great rush on Dick, who throws it into the ground. Trahan, for no reason, shoves an Arkansas player to the ground. Personal foul. There’s no excuse for this, and Trahan is getting the opportunity to explain himself on the sideline.

Tillman sacks Dick for a 3-yard loss. Green was there first but missed him for what would have been a bigger loss.

End of 1.

Ole Miss 3, Arkansas 0


3 Responses to “FIRST QUARTER”

  1. 03Rebel Says:

    Thanks for the quarter summary. Glad to not give up any points after the big plays!

  2. va reb Says:

    Don’t know why we are running Dexter at tailback….

  3. Jay Stokes Says:

    dexter can hit the hole much faster than the other backs….if he holds on to the ball, he’s a good option back there.

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