Snead finally hits Wallace. Play gains 34 to the 11.

Dex gains nothing on Wild Rebel, third play from the formation.

Fade to Hodge is caught out of the end zone. Third-and-10 from the 11.

Time out Ole Miss 13:26.

After the time out, Snead from the gun finds Wallace wide, how can I say this … WIDE … open in the end zone. Must have been a coverage bust.

Kick is good, and it’s 20-7 with 13:21 on the clock.

Drive covers 81 yards, 10 plays, 3:41. Rebels were 2-for-2 on third downs. They really worked Eason at the middle on the drive, and he gained 21 yards on 4 carries.

Big play was the pass to Wallace for 34 yards. They’ve been trying that all night.

Arkansas at its 9 after holding on kick return.

Third-and-2 from the 17. Smith gains nothing. An Arkansas lineman is being helped off the field.

Arkansas punt and Green returns across midfield to the 49.

A field goal here might be the dagger. Hogs would need to TDs and two 2 point conversions to tie.

Two runs by Eason, and Rebels face third-and-3 from the 42. Being very conservative.

Eason carries for 4 yards and a first.

On third-and-7 Snead incomplete. Was throwing to Andrew Harris, the freshman from Hargrave.

Park punt goes out of bounds at the 3. Special teams coach James Shibest is whooping it up. Maybe he’s calling a Hog.

Hogs take over with 8 minutes on the clock.

I’m going to leave it with you here and get ready to go down. Rebels lead 20-7.


14 Responses to “FOURTH QUARTER”

  1. pBeez Says:

    run clock, run!

  2. pBeez Says:

    espn pulled their darn gametracker!
    anyone watching that can keep us updated?

  3. oxfordrebel Says:

    is this really happening??!!

  4. oxfordrebel Says:

    only in fayettville would they overturn that (and bama)

  5. RebelGiant Says:

    hog ball 0:37 left 3 and 25 from hog 32

  6. RebelGiant Says:

    on 4 and 25 dick tosses a hail mary
    jump ball
    rebs knock it down 0:23 left

    Reb ball

    Rebs win 23-21!!!

  7. 03Rebel Says:

    Another W! Hope we carry some momentum into the Auburn game.

  8. pBeez Says:

    Ok – how did they get the ball for that last drive?
    Maddening that gametracker dropped!
    Whew – it doesn’t matter too much cause we won. Finally escaped with one!

  9. Jaxrebsteve Says:

    Wow, that just took 5 years off my life. Glad I could watch it here in FL on ESPN360. I’m also glad my prediction was wrong.

    Hotty Toddy! Go Rebs!

  10. RebelGiant Says:

    ark recovered the onside kick (on the field they said ark got it out of bounds, but reviewed it and said he was in bounds).

    Ark got it around the 47 I think.
    On 2nd down I think Ark had an offensive pass interference to put them back to the hog 32.

    on 4 and 25 dick tosses a hail mary
    jump ball
    rebs knock it down 0:23 left

    Reb ball

    Rebs win 23-21!!!

  11. m4rebs Says:

    Glad we got out of that hell-hole with a W. We finally caught a break from the officiating crew. True, they did get the over-turn, which was a close deal and GUARANTEED NOT IRREFUTABLE, but we probably got away with one on the offensive pass interference. Thank goodness. I too am glad my prediction was wrong. I thought after the onside, it was going to come true. I don’t mind being wrong when we get the W.

    On to Auburn……we MUST play better or we won’t win that one. We did a much better job protecting the ball tonight. No touches with McCluster in the 4th, which is an excellent idea, let him touch it in the 1st 3 qtrs, but when it is crunch time, don’t put it in his hands to put it on the turf.

  12. m4rebs Says:

    Tip of the hat to Cordera Eason. He had a nice game and protected the ball well on the FG drive in the end.

  13. pBeez Says:

    Thanks RebelGiant!
    Very glad to get the win.
    Lets hope our confidence build.
    We must play near perfect ball next week, but Auburn is VERY beatable.
    Hotty Toddy!

  14. Rebelwithacause Says:

    Saw the Game Ref’s got both calls right at the end, the repay booth was where the home cooking occurred, the Ark Player was out of bounds when he got the Ball pn the onside kick and the Ref standing directly above him knew it. The Pass inference call also was correct the Replay shows the the Receiver shoving the defender in the Back with both hands just before he jumps to catch the ball. Good Win by the better Team no doubt.

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