FOOTBALL: Quick notes from presser

News doesn’t always come out of these things, but it did today when some players called out fans for not being active enough at home games.

Jason Cook and Michael Oher were adamant that players win games, and it’s their responsibility to make plays, finish games and win. They understand that. They did say that active fans help and called on the Ole Miss crowd to be something more than a wine and cheese group for lack of a better term. (Those are my words.)

More on that in Tuesday’s print edition.

In other notes …

Competition at cornerback: Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said Dustin Mouzon will get some looks at corner this week in the wake of near disaster in the final minutes of the Rebels’ 23-21 win at Arkansas. Starters are always determined by the week of practice Nutt said, and there are only three players in the mix for playing time — Mouzon and starters Marshay Green and Cassius Vaughn.

Sowell at tight end: Redshirt freshman Bradley Sowell is a tackle of the future, but Nutt really liked what he saw from the young guy as a blocker at tight end for injured David Traxler. “He was outstanding in pass protection and got five or six knock downs. He’ll take over right or left tackle soon, but right now we’ve got a real role for Bradley, and that role will increase.”

Injury update: Safety Jamarca Sanford took a hit to his deltoid muscle and was not able to lift his arm freely. That’s why he missed most of the second half. He is expected to play Saturday against Auburn. End Greg Hardy didn’t get in until the frantic final series for Arkansas because of his lingering foot injury, but he is expected to be “close to 100 percent” this week.

— PA


9 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Quick notes from presser”

  1. robert Says:

    I hope our players called out our home crowd. That’s the biggest complaint I have with Ole Miss – too many weak @ss fans. Way too many of the wine and cheese crowd that either stay in the grove during the game or just come and sit the whole time and complain when you stand. At the SC game I got harrassed for standing up and cheering – even worse I watched the same people harass the coach’s wives for standing up and cheering during the game – they even had the nerve to come down and ask the ladies exactly which coach they were married to – pathetic doesn’t begin to describe it.

  2. Bo Says:

    I totally agree that the fans need to step it up! I know these losing seasons have soured the fans, and I’m included, but even I yell and scream until my voice goes out. Besides we’re actually winning some games, EXCEPT at home!!

    I was thinking about this earlier…is Vaught-Hemingway the next-to-least difficult SEC stadium for opposing teams to play? I think even State’s stadium might be a tougher place to play, partially due to the “illegal” and retarded cowbells. Perhaps all of this is because the Vaught is only bigger than State’s and Vandy’s stadium…I don’t know.

    All I know is that Michigan and Tennessee fans still show up in great numbers and Ole Miss fans only sell out the Vaught when we are either winning and playing very well or the first game after a coaching change. It’s disappointing to say the least!!

  3. Raleighrebel Says:

    PA, are the fans really not showing up this year, and staying from beginning to end? If so, that’s disappointing. One great thing about Tuberville when he was at Ole Miss, is he noticed this problem and was very proactive in getting the fans out of the Grove and into the stadium an hour before games, and always told fans, “Wear red.” Fans listened. I think that Ole Miss fans were excited about Tuberville and the potential he had to make us a great team. I know I was. I believe Coach Nutt can motivate fans to do the same if he just addresses the issue publicly with the fans, as Tuberville did, b/c everyone is pumped about him being here and the progress our team is making. Everyone loved Tuberville when he was here, and we were 6-5, 5-6, 8-4, 6-5 under him.

    Don’t take this as a knock on Coach Nutt. I’m sure he’ll fix this problem soon. This is just a something that has built up from several crappy seasons, and can’t be fixed overnight. Just my opinion.

  4. Raleighrebel Says:

    Also, I checked the attendance as a percentage of total capacity and the Mississippi teams scored poorly.

    Ole Miss: 88%
    MS State: 81% (88% for SEC games)

    All others: 95% or higher, and not more than +/- 1% difference between SEC/Non-SEC games as an average. Actually, all but Arkansas, Vanderbilt, and Tennessee were at 100%.

    Of course, this statistic doesn’t take into effect the # of tickets sold to the visiting team by the home team fans, which I believe Ole Miss has been guilty of for several seasons, which is very sad.

  5. rebnutt Says:

    What can we do to improve the secondary next year–dramatically? Should the coaches be hard on the JUCO trail for tall, fast dudes who want to start in the SEC & enhance their pro prospects? They have to recruit some talent plus experience here for next year. This area is our weakest link and leaves us so vulnerable, I think it’s actually worse than our turnover issue–it probably cost us the Wake, SC & Bama games and almost Ark. as well.
    The secondary seems slower too when the option is on–Ark. ran that well against us & you can bet Auburn will be using it often this Sat.

  6. RebelGiant Says:

    Anybody know of any promotions (i.e. cheap tickets) for any of the remaining home games?

    Last year they had $5 or $10 tickets for one of the last non-SEC games.


  7. djrebel Says:

    Raleigh, I think the fans stay until they think the game is won or lost, much like other places.

    The No. 1 complaint from Cook and Oher was that the fans do not participate. I honestly have a hard time noticing this, because there’s no outside sound in the press box. Certainly the accusation fits.

    I know a lot of fans who are proud to tell you they never leave the Grove. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I think both cultures can exist, although it would be good to see more fans in the stadium on a regular basis. Nothing cures that like winning.

    Rebnutt, any big cornerback signee would certainly help. James Scott, the Ohio State transfer, is already practicing. I figure he’ll move into one slot. He was a four-star recruit from Florida. Brandon Sanders is redshirting, as is juco transfer DeMareo Marr. Don’t know where Jeremy McGee might fit into the mix, but he’s not in the mix right now.

    — PA

  8. cr Says:

    There needs to be something that calls the fans to the stadium. I would suggest the band march through the Grove led by some bagpipes. This would be the signal to shut it down and head to the stadium. I would also start some high energy, loud music about an hour before inside the stadium with something on the Big Screen worth watching.

  9. paul kelly Says:

    all good suggestions cr. also pa as i have said before, mcghee is being wasted on defense. he should be doing what they were trying to do with mcluster sat. taking the ball on quick pitches and hitting the corners. he gets out there really quickly. when that worked with mcluster sat. it also opened up the middle for eason a little more.

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