FOOTBALL: Charting Powe’s progress

Playing time has decrease of late for freshman defensive tackle Jerrell Powe. It hasn’t been a physical thing. Powe’s strength is there, and conditioning has come along. It has taken him a while to adjust to the college game after two years away from organized football.

Here’s what defensive line coach Tracy Rocker had to say on Powe:

“I need some things solved. I need some gap control. I need guys to stay in the gap. I think we’re getting that worked out. We’ve worked on some things and talked about some things. It may be his time this week. We’ll see.

“Physically, he has all that. What’s important to us as a staff and to me, he’s very physical, he’s a big man, but we’re a gap control defense, and we don’t want guys knocked out of their gaps. He’s not knocked out of the gap. He may get cut off, or someone may scoop him or cut him. We don’t want that. We want him always on his feet, as much as he can be, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

— PA


One Response to “FOOTBALL: Charting Powe’s progress”

  1. va reb Says:

    I think we will see great things from Powe next year. He is immensely talented and will be a mainstay on the D line.

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