HOOPS: 52-43 at the half

Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy is giving as much playing time as he can to anyone who might be involved in the playing rotation. All the newcomers were in the game by the time it was 7 minutes old.

South Carolina freshman Murphy Holloway started the game. He and Terrance Henry have both shown some flashes. Neither are scared to take it to the basket. That’s not necessarily a good thing until they get it under control more.

Holloway started the game, along with Huertas, Warren, Polyniece and Malcolm White.

Huertas was hot early and helped get the game under control, but the older guys really didn’t play extensively in the first half.

White had a nice 15 footer that he stepped up and drained with confidence. Juco transfer DeAundre Cranston, a beefy 6-9 post with a build similar to Dwayne Curtis, has hit two 3-pointers.

Holloway has been active around the bucket.

Defensively, there have been some lapses that you expect from new guys.

North Alabama has hit 4-of-10 3-pointers, two of them by their 6-6 center, who looks to be near 300 pounds.

UNA returns three starters from a team that averaged 87 points last year and reached the Division II Elite Eight.

Second half is about to begin.

— PA


6 Responses to “HOOPS: 52-43 at the half”

  1. kylebuddy Says:

    Do you think that the rebel fans will show up Saturday?

  2. djrebel Says:

    Kylebuddy, I think the Rebel fans will come out in force. Hopefully they’ll be active too.

    — PA

  3. ripleyreb Says:

    Thanks PA, I couldn’t make it to the Tad Pad tonight, was wondering how the game was going.

  4. ripleyreb Says:

    PA, Gasoline is $1.96 at Pontotoc. Thouhgt you might like to fill up on your way home and save the Daily Journal some cash.

  5. Jay Stokes Says:

    cranston had a great game….so did mac.

  6. ripleyreb Says:

    PA, You wouldn’t leave us hanging would you???? I know the game is over by now.

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