Ripley, I had to get home and take care of the trick-or-treaters a little bit before I came into the office.

Lots of talent on this basketball team. Much of it is raw and undefined as you might imagine for this point in the season, but there is talent, and there are options.

Liked what I saw from Terrico White tonight. I expected to be impressed after Andy Kennedy called him a “monster athlete” this week.

Saw a lot of skill in both Murphy Holloway and Terrance Henry, but neither stood out above the other tonight.

The one who stood out was DeAundre Cranston. I did not expect the type of athleticism I saw from a kid who was still around in the late signing period. He’s a big body who can score with angles the way Dwayne Curtis did but can also shoot the 3. He hit two of them tonight. Much more athletic than Jermey Parnell or Kenny Williams were.

Among the regulars, David Huertas looked really good in his limited time. Scored from the 3 and created his own offense off the dribble.

Chris Warren had a couple of “Wow” plays too.

Eniel Polynice passed well. He didn’t play in the second half. Kennedy said he’s had some swelling around his knee, nothing serious, but something to keep an eye on.

— PA


3 Responses to “HOOPS FINAL: 115-81”

  1. Jay Stokes Says:

    man i wish they would post video of this on the site, but they might not have filmed it for distribution. i’m very excited about this basketball season. seems like the rebs will be a force to be reckoned with in the SEC.

  2. ripleyreb Says:

    Hey PA, NO problem man. I went to the Ole Miss website for the final score. Sounds like the new guys are going to be fun to watch. I’ll be in The Pad for the rest of the season. Headed for the Grove in my Blue. Thanks for all you do.–GO REBS

  3. djrebel Says:

    Jay, lots of talent, but remember it’s young talent. Youth was more evident in Holloway and Henry than in Terrico White, who looked a little more polished. I think they have a chance to be good.

    — PA

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